Why this blog is called Wisdom.

The reason, I call my blog wisdom, is that wisdom should be the core of anything and everything we do in life. It’s the ability to discern and see what’s not revealed to the senses. Also, it can be termed as the gift to make a good judgement.
This should be one of the most important criteria’s to be a leader, if world leaders always asked for wisdom before making a decision, we wouldn’t have the problems that exist today.  The Bible specifically says that if anyone one lacks wisdom, let such person ask God and He would give to it whomsoever.
There are two types of wisdom, namely Godly wisdom, and worldly wisdom.
Let me start with worldly wisdom first, for starters, this type of wisdom is foolish, people of the world make certain decisions and take certain action and to be honest, for the most part, it’s stupid and silly. They use their worldly wisdom, especially when they want to manipulate others, I just look at them and say, do you really think, I don’t know your tricks? but the thing is they don’t know any better.  The world‘s wisdom comes from a low place, the Bible calls it demonic because it’s rooted from selfish ambitions and pride, which is very deceptive.

Now Godly wisdom is from a higher place and it is pure, peaceable, gentle, reasonable full of mercy and good fruits, unwavering, without hypocrisy. This type of wisdom comes from having the spirit of the living God on the inside of you.
This is the type of wisdom, Joseph, son of Jacob in the bible had. This wisdom got him to be second in command in the whole of Egypt. We can definitely do with our leaders having Godly wisdom on them, and that’s why we have to pray for our leaders and people in authority. The simple reason is that if they make a wrong decision based on bad judgment, we will all feel the impact of it.

So as I write theses blogs I will do my best to access the wisdom of God because it’s only with such wisdom that my blogs can be a blessing to my fellow human beings.