What’s up World?

My name is Daniel, welcome to my Blog.

I recently upgraded my website, which I started in 2017; this website is part of the mediums I use for my higher calling in God. I use this website for my blogs, books I have written, and link to my YouTube channel. 

It’s good to serve the Lord, as Jesus Christ is the Light of the World; we now become that Light, as I am sure you will agree the World needs Light more than ever before. My mantle from God is to contend for the Christian faith. Hence, I will do this to the best of my ability, leaning a hundred percent on the Holy Spirit. 

 I have a background in the Financial Market, worked on Wall Street, New York, as a Stockbroker & Trader; I have taught Stock, Shares, and Investment classes in London. I  worked in Commercial Banking (Mortgages) for many years. I worked in accounting departments for various establishments, as I did Accounting in College, then when on to do a Master’s degree in Business Administration (MBA) at the University of Surrey, UK. I am a Lecturer in Accounting modules, Employment Law, and Business Modules here in the heart of London.

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Best Selling BOOKS


The Mystery Is Unlocked: What happens when a Person Dies

Have you ever wondered about the afterlife, or life after death? This book tries to shed some light on this eternal question.

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The Incomparable Power of a Christian: The Holy Spirit’s Power to Heal, Protect and Perform Miracles , Signs and Wonders

God said that His people should always cover themselves with the Blood of Jesus and pray in the Holy Spirit, as this would intensify one’s faith and authority over the Corona-virus.In as much as the incomparable power of a… Read More

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How to Obtain Power / Energy To Overcome Stress, Anxiety and Depression.: The Secret to Perfect a Well-Being State of Mind

Do you want a better and happier life free of stress, anxiety, and depression? This book will show you how… Read More

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How Controlled Thinking Can Bring Us Positive Results: Controlling Our Thoughts Equals Victory

Do you want to see more success and victories in your life? It’s time to learn the mysteries that govern human thinking and thoughts… Read More

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How to Be Prepared for the After Life

Every group of people have different concepts and beliefs about the afterlife. Various religions also have different beliefs, which is fine, as my motto is each to their own.

One thing I believe with all my heart is that there is only one truth. We may have different interpretations or versions of the truth, but the fact remains that there is one truth… Read More

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My Spiritual Awakening Journey Journal 38. The Law of Vibration. Part 2

Our thoughts and feelings are energy. Therefore, we vibrate in a “positive” vibration when we think [...]

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