The Aim of this website: Wisdom Discovery, is to cater to the well-being of people in all works of life. In other words, wisdom serves our Soul, Body, Mind, and Spirit. These areas are essential to a person’s welfare, health, happiness, and prosperity.

The lack of knowledge in any of these areas (Soul, Body, Mind, and Spirit) could result in a person suffering on earth and eternity.

We must feed our Spiritual being via prayer and meditation and, at the same time, look after one’s bodies by engaging in physical exercise. 

There are various ways to feed our Spirit, Mind, and Soul, such as reading literature ( spiritual and psychological ) that gives us insight and enlightenment. Various forms of prayer and meditation can protect from dark magic and bad energy.

Wisdom Discovery aims to provide extensive resources in literature, prayer, meditation, and fitness.

We have regular blogs, guest bloggers, devotionals, and mp3 meditation/affirmations downloads to reprogram/rewrite the brain so that nothing is missing nor lost in a person’s life, simply Shalom (Peace). 

So please stay with us, and let’s learn from each other to make the best of this spiritual journey through time and space reality. 

Thank you, and God Bless.  

Best Selling BOOKS


The Mystery Is Unlocked: What happens when a Person Dies

Have you ever wondered about the afterlife, or life after death? This book tries to shed some light on this eternal question.

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The Incomparable Power of a Christian: The Holy Spirit’s Power to Heal, Protect and Perform Miracles , Signs and Wonders

God said that His people should always cover themselves with the Blood of Jesus and pray in the Holy Spirit, as this would intensify one’s faith and authority over the Corona-virus.In as much as the incomparable power of a… Read More

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How to Obtain Power / Energy To Overcome Stress, Anxiety and Depression.: The Secret to Perfect a Well-Being State of Mind

Do you want a better and happier life free of stress, anxiety, and depression? This book will show you how… Read More

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How Controlled Thinking Can Bring Us Positive Results: Controlling Our Thoughts Equals Victory

Do you want to see more success and victories in your life? It’s time to learn the mysteries that govern human thinking and thoughts… Read More

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How to Be Prepared for the After Life

Every group of people have different concepts and beliefs about the afterlife. Various religions also have different beliefs, which is fine, as my motto is each to their own.

One thing I believe with all my heart is that there is only one truth. We may have different interpretations or versions of the truth, but the fact remains that there is one truth… Read More

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