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What’s up World?

My name is Daniel, welcome to my Blog.

I recently upgraded my website, which I started in 2017; this website is part of the mediums I use for my higher calling in God. I use this website for my blogs, books I have written, and link to my YouTube channel. 

It’s good to serve the Lord, as Jesus Christ is the Light of the World; we now become that Light, as I am sure you will agree the World needs Light more than ever before. My mantle from God is to contend for the Christian faith. Hence, I will do this to the best of my ability, leaning a hundred percent on the Holy Spirit. 

 I have a background in the Financial Market, worked on Wall Street, New York, as a Stockbroker & Trader; I have taught Stock, Shares, and Investment classes in London. I  worked in Commercial Banking (Mortgages) for many years. I worked in accounting departments for various establishments, as I did Accounting in College, then when on to do a Master’s degree in Business Administration (MBA) at the University of Surrey, UK. I am a Lecturer in Accounting modules, Employment Law, and Business Modules here in the heart of London.

 My primary objective is to fulfil what I was sent to planet earth to accomplish, in other words, serve the purpose of God in my generation. Serving God will enable me to help my fellow human beings, as this is part of living my purpose. We are all meant to assist each other and walk in Love, as this will improve our World.

I am not naïve, and I know that loving your neighbour as yourself might seem like I am asking for too much, and humanity is so far from it, which I agree to a large extent, but it can all start how, as we individuals treat people we come across.

Mahatma Gandhi said it better, ‘Be the change we want to be in this world.’ Also, Jesus Christ commanded it;

Mahatma Gandhi said it better, ‘Be the change we want to be in this world.’ Also, Jesus Christ commanded it; the Love factor is a pre-requisite for heaven / eternal life; I think it’s about time we as people move in this direction, and it all starts with us, you, and me.

Michael Jackson called it the Man in the mirror. To make this World a better place, we must look at ourselves and make that change.

My aspect of writing is to be able to help people; to do that, one needs to have accumulated some life experiences. Also, an understanding of human consciousness/ behaviour is necessary. I think it’s fair to say that I have seen much more than the average person regarding life lessons. I now understand that we must go through some experiences to make us who we are supposed to be. Another way of putting it is for us to be able to walk in our purpose, we must endure a lot of situations that may not seem pleasant at the time, but we must become what God has called us to be. Understanding people and the World we live in must come from experience and an inner knowing which comes from within; we must be able to figure it out ourselves. If we leave it to someone else to explain, we set ourselves up for manipulation.

Other people can guide us, and my writing/experience can guide you, but ultimately the light bulb must go off inside every one of us, especially when we have many questions and very few answers. The good news is that we have hope because God promised in Jeremiah 33.3 that if we call upon Him, He will reveal hidden and mysterious things to us – about this physical World and the spirit world.

I have a strong feeling in me saying this is it. My tongue is the pen of a ready writer (Psalm 45:1). In this blog, many topics will be covered, primarily what I hear the Spirit of the Lord say. 

Finally, to live in today’s World, we need courage and power, which comes from the Holy Spirit. To see the fullness of God’s power in one’s life, we MUST live according to God’s Word and uphold God’s standards. I know we live in a secular world, but as a servant and friend of God, I will never compromise God’s Word.

Until next time, keep Believing, Keep Hoping & Keep Loving.