Protect your Energy and Power 2(Song)

(Verse 1)On the surface of light, as we continue to move onAs light workers, we sing our precious song.Chosen ones sent with a radiant glow,But beware, for there are shadows we must know. (Pre-Chorus)Our energy, our power, a beacon bright,Attracts both love and envy in the night.People seek to take what we possess,But we’ll guard […]

Protect your Energy and Power (Song)

(Verse 1)In the realm of light, we stand so tall,Chosen ones, we heed the call.But amid our shining grace,There are those who seek to erase. (Pre-Chorus)Our energy, our power divine,They crave it; they seek our water to wine.But we won’t let them steal our flame,We’ll rise above, we’ll stake our claim. (Chorus)Protect your energy, guard […]

Experience is the Best Teacher (Poem)

Experience is the best teacher, they say,Guiding us along life’s winding way.Each moment, each trial, each twist of fate,Shapes us into who we’re meant to create. In the tapestry of life, woven with care,Every thread, every pattern, every tear,Is orchestrated by a higher hand,Guiding us through both sea and sand. For those who seek spiritual […]

Experience is the Best Teacher (Song)

(Verse 1)Life’s journey, it’s twists and turns,With lessons to teach, with wisdom to learn.In every trial, in every test,We find the path to our very best. (Chorus)Experience is the best teacher,Guiding us along, making us believers.Through highs and lows, we come to see,God’s hand in all, setting us free. (Verse 2)Destined to be who we’re […]

The Lord Owns it all (Song)

(Verse 1)The earth is the Lord’s, every corner, every space,Established on waters, founded with grace.Some call it ‘The Universe,’ but who made it all?The Lord our God, standing tall. (Chorus)For He owns it all, the sky and the sea,Every creature, every destiny.Though some follow darkness, in their pride,His light shines bright and cannot be denied. […]

Growing in Love not Falling in Love (Song)

(Verse 1)Growing in love, not falling down,The world’s got it backward, we’ve found.In love’s ascent, we reach new heights,Our higher nature, shining bright. (Chorus)Girl, with you, my love takes flight,Growing stronger in love’s pure light.Every moment with you, I’m sure,We’re building a love that will endure. (Verse 2)With each passing day, my love deepens more,Closer […]