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My Spiritual Awakening Journey Journal 38. The Law of Vibration. Part 2

Our thoughts and feelings are energy. Therefore, we vibrate in a “positive” vibration when we think good thoughts.  On the other hand, you vibrate in “negative” emotions when you feel low.   Synchronized positive vibrations will connect and result in beautiful manifestations; as the saying goes, happy thoughts ONLY.  From the days of Abraham and Sarah, when they had […]

My Spiritual Awakening Journey Journal 37. The Law of Vibration. Part 1

This is the second Universal Law, the Law of vibration.  According to Quantum Physics, everything in this Universe is made of energy. Every molecule of this Universe is constantly pulsating and vibrating.  Pulsates means to Expand and Contract ( Increases and decreases )  Vibration is defined as a person’s emotional state and the atmosphere of a place.    Anything that […]