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The Armor Of God (Rap)

(Verse 1) I’m reppin’ the Lord, His strength in my soul,Empowered by His might, my purpose and goal.I suit up in His armor, like a soldier so bold,To stand against the schemes that the devil’s unrolled. (Chorus) It’s the armor of God, my shield, my sword;In His boundless power, I’m movin’ forward.To face every scheme, […]

Honouring Apostle Paul (Song)

(Verse 1) In the footsteps of Apostle Paul, we stand,A faithful servant of the Lord’s grand plan,What he bore physically, we feel within,Against principalities and powers, we begin. (Chorus) We spread God’s Light and Love, a sacred call,To a dark, wicked world, we give our all,In honor of Apostle Paul, we raise our voice,In service […]

Honouring Apostle Paul (Poem)

In the footsteps of Apostle Paul, I tread,A spiritual journey where angels fear to thread,What he faced physically, I face in spirit’s might,With principalities and powers in the darkest night. We’re called to spread the Light, God’s Love divine,In a world so wicked, where evil designs,Our purpose here on Earth, we boldly embrace,To shine God’s […]

Honouring Our Ancestors (Rap)

(Verse 1) Listen up, let me take you back in time,To a chapter in history, a haunting crime,The Transatlantic Slave Trade, a cruel domain,A grave violation of humanity’s name. From African shores, they were torn away,Forced marches, dungeons, night and day,Shackles and chains, their spirits held tight,But in the face of cruelty, they continued to […]

Honouring Our Ancestors.(Poem)

In honour of those whose suffering we recall,A tribute to ancestors who endured it all,Through the darkest days of history’s tide,We remember their strength, their dignity, and pride. The Transatlantic Slave Trade, a stain so deep,Millions of souls, in bondage, forced to weep,A collective tragedy involving many a hand,In their memory, we take a stand. […]

Restoration and Blessing (Rap)

Verse 1) In Jesus’ name, I stand so bold,Against the enemy’s clock, I won’t be controlled,Wasted years, I reclaim, it’s time to restore,In the power of God’s Word, I’ll soar and explore. Wasted insults, money, health, and strength,I’ll take them all back, go to any length,Restoration is my anthem, in Jesus’ name,No more wasted blessings; […]