Monthly Archives: December 2023

The Power of Love (Poem)

In the heart’s quiet chamber where whispers dwell,Lies a force, a power, an ineffable swell.Love, the most accurate power, the purest light,Guiding through shadows, turning dark to bright. It’s not in might where true strength lies,But in the gentle touch, the compassionate eyes.Love’s power is in proportion to its embrace,A force that neither time nor […]

Powerful Imagination (Song)

(Verse 1)Close your eyes, step inside a world so wide,It’s your imagination; let it be your guide.Forget the so-called facts, the outer noise,Turn inward, and listen to your inner voice. Create the world you want, with thoughts so bright,Your inner reality, your beacon, your light.The outer world’s a mirror, reflecting your state,Change within, and you’ll […]

Keep Pressing on (Song)

(Verse 1)When the road turns rough, and your dreams feel far,And you’re counting all your scars,Remember why you’re here, your purpose, your guide,It’s the light inside that you must abide. Disappointments come; they’re lessons in disguise,Teaching us to grow, to become wise.It’s not just the destination but what you learn,On the journey, with every twist […]

Keep Pressing On (Poem)

Keep pressing on, my friend, through the night,Through the disappointments, through the fight.Once you know your purpose, your soul’s true song,It’s easier to stand up, to be strong. Life’s lessons, in disappointments, often hidden deep,Teach us, mold us, and give us dreams to keep.The key to life, a quest so bold,Is finding why you’re here, […]

Reflecting 2023 (Poem)

As we stand at the year’s twilight, looking back, taking stock,Reflecting on the lessons learned, the trials, and the clock.We journeyed as spirit beings in a human, earthly guise,Seeking wisdom, seeking truth, under the vast skies. Our spiritual activity, a beacon in the night,Guiding us through rough seas, towards the light so bright.It takes discipline, […]