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My Spiritual Awakening Journey Journal 30

God’s Judgement released by FIRE As I ponder my life and consider that everything happens for a reason, I sincerely believe my primary purpose on earth is to release God’s Judgement on the wicked. God’s Judgement has been seen throughout His word, especially in the Old Testament. Some of God’s judgments are more popular than others, but they […]

My Spiritual Awakening Journey Journal 29

Judgement Time. The word Awakening, which is associated with Enlightenment, is about waking up from a Spiritual sleep (coma, so to speak).  There are many vital verses in the Bible. However, I consider Matthew 6.22 one of the essential verses in the Word of God.  This piece of scripture says the following:  “The eye is the lamp of the body; so, if your […]