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Twin Flame/ Split Apart (Song)

(Verse 1)Twin Flames Mirror Souls, a tale untold,In recent times, this bond has grown bold.An intense connection, heart-to-heart,Two halves of one soul split apart. (Pre-Chorus)Since the beginning, we’ve been on this quest,To join together, to find our rest.Like Adam and Eve in the garden of old,A love story divine, forever retold. (Chorus)Bone of my bone, […]

Zombie Puppets (Song)

(Verse 1)Zombie puppets they’re controlled and bound,By silent strings, where darkness is found.Taking orders by text, they just comply,No room for judgment, no reason why. (Pre-Chorus)They can’t think for themselves; just follow the lead,Wickedness and evil fulfilling the need.Checking their phones for each evil plot,Caught in the web of deceit, a sinister knot. (Chorus)Zombie puppets, […]