My Spiritual Awakening Journey Journal 30

God’s Judgement released by FIRE

As I ponder my life and consider that everything happens for a reason, I sincerely believe my primary purpose on earth is to release God’s Judgement on the wicked.

God’s Judgement has been seen throughout His word, especially in the Old Testament. Some of God’s judgments are more popular than others, but they all have a common denominator, which God warns us before He acts. 

Some patterns never change, such as people never listen to God’s warning, God knows the past, present, and future, consequently He is many steps ahead of the evil human beings

God has various ways to approach certain situations; those who walk with Him seldom understand His course of action. 

I like the verse below, which is so accurate even in today’s world. ( Written around 4000 years ago, so true in our world today)

Ecclesiastes 8:11

 Because the sentence against an evil work is not executed speedily, the hearts of the sons of men are fully set to do evil. (Amplified).

As I contemplate on God to get an insight into why He sent me here to planet Earth ( I was not forced, all free will), a particular scripture comes to mind. 

 Revelations 6.10  They cried in a loud voice, saying, “O Lord, holy and true, how long now before You will sit in judgment and avenge our blood on those [unregenerate ones] who dwell on the earth?”

We have seen all sorts of evil in our world, such as mass – murders, suicides, etc.; for the most part, it’s the kingdom of darkness at work, planting thoughts in people’s minds to carry out such actions. 

The victims, sometimes little children in Heaven, and are CRYING for JUSTICE

Those that are spiritual will agree that God works with His servants, messengers, His children to accomplish tasks on earth. 

We are co-laborers and share in God’s divine nature and POWER

Whatever person God uses requires training, hence God will enable such person to go through the FIRE, not only to grow us, strengthen us but to feel what the folks in Revelation 6.10 felt the PAIN and their CRY for Judgement. 

May I say that I feel their PAIN because I have experienced the same agony and affliction 360 degrees around me. However, it’s part of God’s plan for my life. Hence I give God THANKS. 

As Joseph told his brothers, you meant evil against me, but God meant it for good to bring about this present outcome ( my outcome is to know God and His POWER to release His Judgement on Earth, God’s answer Revelation 6.10).

When God gives gifts, there is always a reason for the gift. Ideally, the gift owners will realize the gift as they walk close with God and then ask what God’s purpose for the gift is(are). In ALL instances, it is to fulfill the purpose I agreed to before I came to this 3d reality, ultimately to bring glory to God. 

Those that steal, transfer gifts from God’s children are robbing God, and you have bought JUDGEMENT UPON YOUR SELF. 

You can not steal from God and use it for Talk showsReality T.VPolitics,MusicSportsMovies and Royalty, etc. 

My advice is that people familiarise themselves with the Holy Bible. Folks are so ignorant of Spiritual / Universal laws.

 Whenever a person engages in darkness, even the little light you once had is gone, and your consciousness is filled with darkness. 

I sometimes feel sorry for the agents (Zombies) of the kingdom of darkness because when they are given orders, they must carry them out, so sad but is it worth it?

In addition to Judgement, God is asking me to remind you of Revelation 21.8 

 But as for the cowards and unbelieving and abominable [who are devoid of character and personal integrity and practice or tolerate immorality], and murderers, and sorcerers [with intoxicating drugs], and idolaters and occultists [who practice and teach false religions], and all the liars [who knowingly deceive and twist truth], their part will be in the lake that blazes with fire and brimstone, which is the second death.”

You might think Mr. Lucifer – satan the devil rules this world, but according to the Word of God Psalms103, it says The LORD has established His throne in Heaven, And His Kingdom rules over all. 

May I also remind you that Lucifer was a former Archangel was created by GOD before he fell. 

If God says certain behaviors are abominations to Him, it’s WISE to obey the ONE TRUE LIVING GOD

Therefore :

I Daniel Elijah Joseph as a servant of the Almighty GodGod of AbrahamIsaacJacob and our LORD Jesus Christ, I decree and declare,  PROPHESY, and RELEASE  Judgement of God by FIRE  on the wicked and evil people. Who steal other people’s blessings and have and continue to use other people’s StarGlory, Virtue, and Light. 

All those who have afflicted my life stolen and used my (and continue to do so) Glory, Star, Light Virtue, and Blessing. The Judgement of God is RELEASED on every single one of you by FIRE

Whatever gift (s) I have is to do the work of God my Heavenly Father – The creator of the Heavens – Universe and Earth. ( I TAKE OWNERSHIP of my GIFT, I FORBID, anybody ROB God and me of my gift(s).

Hence, I DEMAND Sevenfold recompense NOW.

Until Next time, Keep Believing, Keep Hoping & Keep Loving.  

Peace. Daniel – The Christian Activist & Warrior