According to POWER, According to FAITH

The word POWER is defined as the ability to act or produce an effect, possession of control, authority, or influence over others.
In the natural, such as the workplace certain individuals have more possession of authority than other, they have the final say in specific issues or enforcement of policies.

Natural power or power given by man or an institution doesn’t last and can be taken away at any time, so never let it get to your head, be humble with such authority/ power.

Whenever there is a natural, there is also a spiritual, in fact, the spiritual realm controls our natural world. The spiritual world is controlled by words. The Bible says life and death are in the power of the tongue.

Access to spiritual POWER from the Christian Faith perspective is given by the Holy Spirit. Hence it’s essential that one’s choice of Church/ fellowship embraces and encourages praying & singing in the Holy Spirit.

We have also learned from the Great Apostle Paul the secret to his success, and enormous Revelation / Insight came from praying in the Holy Spirit.

This Great Apostle Paul, also enabled us to realise, the measure of POWER we possess will determine the outcome of certain situations.

Power is also correlated with Faith; Great Power can produce Great / Holy Faith according to Jude 30 in the Holy Bible.

The Bible says According to the Power that works in us, it also says According to our Faith.

The word According to means

1: in conformity with
2: as stated or attested by
3: depending on

When we get SAVED, we are given a measure of Faith, and The Gift of Holy Spirit, Jesus said we shall receive POWER when the Holy Ghost comes upon us. (Acts 1:8).

However, the magnitude of the manifestation of Faith & Power depends on us. It takes discipline to acquire both Faith & Power, and I believe this is how God uses the devil & his agents ( Kingdom of darkness) because the more attacks, the more we cling to God ( in prayer & fellowship) consequently Faith & Power comes upon us.

Another benefit of Power / Faith is that it helps set our eyes on things that are above, we see the big picture, we bounce back & forth between to realms, ( the Spirit & Natural)
Power & Faith automatically helps us transcend to a higher place in consciousness / in the Spirit.
God took be on a journey of seeing different types of Churches. Apparently, there is no perfect church, all I can say is when we have cultivated a healthy relationship with the Holy Ghost, not only will He ( Holy Spirit) give us POWER, but He would reveal things to us.

Finally, we need POWER & FAITH to do the REAL work of our PRECIOUS LORD & SAVIOUR JESUS CHRIST.
God Bless.

To the Enough Is Enough & Never Again movement in America, keep on pressing on for change with GUN CONTROL LAWS.

To those that find pleasure in KILLING INNOCENT ANIMALS, I think you call it hunting, I CALL IT PURE EVIL & WICKEDNESS.


Until Next time. keep Believing, Keep Hoping & Keep Loving

Peace Daniel.