Activate your Power (Poem)

In a world where shadows dance with light,

 Where battles rage through day and night,

 Survival’s creed echoes loud and clear,

 Strength is needed to persevere.

But not just strength of flesh and bone,

 It’s a power deeper to be known.

 A force within, lying in wait, 

Yearning to rise, to seal our fate.

By the Power that works within,

 And faith, our shield against sin, 

We journey forth with hearts ablaze,

 Unleashing Power in myriad ways.

So heed the call, awaken your core,

 Let the Holy Spirit’s wisdom pour.

 For in this world of trial and test, 

Power within brings peace and rest.

Until Next time, Keep Believing, Keep Hoping & Keep Loving.

Peace. Daniel – The Christian Activist & Warrior

 Remember, Jesus Christ is the Light of the World.

 Thank you, and God Bless