Are the youth leading the way to Fitness?

I always like to observe my environment, wherever I am at any point in time, I analyse the place and the people, I must admit that I have an analytical mind. My discerning sense is switched on, pretty much of the time.
I don’t dwell on any negative that I see, it’s registered in my brain and I then move on. On the other hand, when I am aware of something positive, I take the time to really examine it methodically and get more insight.
I have always loved to exercise, to maintain my fitness, so I make time for the gym. The reason I say I make time for the gym is because most people are busy, and the reason they don’t do something that they know is beneficial is because they have no time. I know sometimes we are busier than others, but if we love something we make time for it. Especially exercise and fitness, as there are many advantages to it that I will mention later.

So   I started a new gym around 5 /6 months ago called Pure gym in Ipswich Suffolk, they also have a presence around the country, the price is very reasonable, it’s a 24 hours gym,  spacious, it has good equipment and the vibe in the atmosphere is pleasant.

What has caught my attention in this gym or maybe it’s a new trend is that I see a lot of youngster’s that use the gym and they seem serious about it.  Trying to understand the whys in my head, I thought maybe it’s the affordable price or because it’s open 24 hours a day, or both.

Well regardless of the reason, I believe it’s a good positive thing, and a good habit they are cultivating.  They could be doing other things that don’t add value to their physical and mental being.

I believe such practice should be encouraged by the Government; the reason is that the more the youngster’s continue in this pattern the healthier they become and the less reliance they would be on NHS.
We all know the state of the NHS, therefore the sensible alternative is to promote and encourage a health and fitness culture and starting with the youth, who have already started the trend, is a wise thing to do.

I do understand that not everybody is a fan of gyms, but I believe people can be encouraged.
It is a known fact that the best and effective way  to achieve wellness is through physical fitness and activity.

Mental health is a growing problem in the society today, promoting fitness will help in solving part of this problem, it would reduce depression, improve sleeping habits, help deal with stress and improve brain function.

The brain produces chemicals during fitness training, which affect behaviours, moods, and give  a positive perception towards life.

Serotonin is one of the chemicals, the exercise helps produce, this chemical makes people happier and upbeat, lack of this chemical causes depression and also cardiovascular disease.

Endorphins – This chemical is also produced during exercise, it suppresses pain and creates a general feeling of wellbeing.

The mind body and spirit should be taken care of, people are more acceptable to the body aspect of this unit(mind, body & spirit) as compared the mind and spirit. My thinking is if the disciple is developed in regards the body exercise and fitness, such mindset can be used eventually to the mind and spirit.

Until next time, keep Believing, Keep Hoping & Keep Loving.

Peace. Daniel