…..As the Sin of witchcraft.

God through His Word the Bible clearly states that witchcraft and sorcery are an abomination and are a sin, yet it is the norm in today’s society.

Every aspect of life, for the most part, this evil and demonic practice are taken place, even in some in Churches. Personally I have come across a lot of these folks, the Holy Spirit enables me to spot them and in fact, by revelation, I also know how they operate.

Our Christian Faith is not fun and games when one sees the evil in this World, one can’t help but appreciate what our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ did on the cross and the shedding His blood for us. As He (Jesus) came to destroy works of the devil.

Our job now is to keep our soul safe, in as much as materials things are nice, one should never compromise one’s soul by going to the dark side as there is so much more to our life than our existence on planet earth.

I am not going to say or write much about how protecting our soul is crucial, but as the Words of our Lord says those that have an ear let them hear.

We all have choices and free will, so please make the right choice. If you are stuck in evil practice and you want to come to Jesus, He could receive you with open arms, it’s just His nature, as the popular lyrics says, He would leave the 99 and come after you if you call upon Him.

It’s pretty obvious that darkness has filled the earth, but I believe there are still a lot of people of the light and truly follow our Lord Jesus Christ.

I know we have to earn a living and we are in this World, but we are not of it, our eyes must be fixed on things above. There will always be traps and snares, the Great Apostle Paul realized this through revelation and concluded that we Pray in the Spirit always.

Fellow Christians we have to endure it to the end, remember though that this ( earth) is not our Kingdom. Make your spirit sensitive so you know when people are doing witchcraft on you, I also guarantee that The Holy Spirit will reveal snares and traps of the evil people as you pray in the Holy Ghost.

I am not into exposing people and places that engage in witchcraft practice, as I pray they repent, however, you would really hurt yourself. The evil you are doing would and must backfire, I decree and declare it in Jesus Name.

Please keep your Soul safe.

God Bless.

Until till next time Keep Believing, Keep Hoping & Keep Loving

Peace. Daniel