Born to be Free (Song)

(Verse 1) Born to be free in a world so complex, But many are lost, in control’s cruel hex, Zombies they seem, under others’ command, Yet Jesus’ sacrifice has set us free in this Land.
On the cross He hung, to break every chain, From dark kingdom’s lies, His victory gained, No longer controlled, by evil’s deceit, For in Christ’s redemption, true freedom we meet.

(Pre-Chorus) God grants us the will to choose our own way; as we journey in Spirit, learning each day and maturing through trials, we start to discern The worth of His ways, as His truth we learn.

(Chorus) Born to be free, His grace leads the way, Breaking the bonds, night turns into day, From darkness to light, His love takes us near, Chasing true freedom, with Him we’re sincere.

(Verse 2) The Lord is the Spirit, where freedom does flow; in His presence, we find a life’s vibrant glow; he offers His hand to guide us along; from captivity’s clutches, He’ll make us strong.
Even within the Church, some hearts are ensnared, Their vision obscured, by burdens they’ve shared, Yet the Holy Spirit waits to lead them with care, To release them from bondage, into freedom’s air.

(Pre-Chorus) “If the Son sets you free,” His promise rings true; in His liberation, we’re born anew, From chains of the past, from shackles of old; in Christ’s freedom, our spirits unfold.

(Chorus) For freedom, He came His love’s sacrifice, Breaking the yoke, setting captives’ free, Stand firm in His grace, in His love take a stand, No burden of slavery, no yoke’s heavy hand.

(Bridge) From distress, we cry out; our voices arise; the Lord answers our call, in love’s boundless skies, Setting us free from troubles and woes; in His arms of mercy, our freedom He shows.

(Verse 3) Prayers lift to the heavens, hearts full of hope, Asking God to reveal a limitless scope, To open eyes wide to His truth and His way, To chase after freedom, night into day.

(Chorus) Born to be free, it’s our destiny preview, In Christ’s light we’ll rise, in His love, we’ll renew, From bondage to freedom, His grace will suffice, As we follow His lead, in His love, we’ll arise.


Faithful followers of Jesus Christ watch and pray – we are in dark times. Trust NO-ONE until they show themselves trustworthy. They must earn our TRUST.

Until Next time, Keep Believing, Keep Hoping & Keep Loving.

Peace. Daniel – The Christian Activist & Warrior

 Remember, Jesus Christ is the Light of the World.

 Thank you, and God Bless