Brexit equals VICTORY

From experience good things, – our expectations come late in the midnight hour. Hence we have to be steadfast in our endeavors.

To encourage Prime Minister May and her team, keep Believing, as something great is about to happen, so keep on negotiating and don’t settle for anything but the best.

There is life after EU, – Norway, Switzerland for example.

It is the will of the people, and the Prime Minister is merely doing her job by enforcing what the people voted for, yes it was a democratic vote.

The referendum Leave won 51.89 percent of the vote and Remain won 48.11 percent.

The people have already spoken.

As the Prime minister said, no deal is better than a bad deal, totally agreed, we should present EU with our proposal and NOT waver.

In the proposal must include respecting our referendum and not dividing the country.

So please support the Prime Minister and her team.

God Bless.