Carved Image

As we all know, there are various sects of Christianity, and the separation comes from their different doctrines. The word Doctrine means a set of beliefs held and taught by a Church.

Personally, I believe that individuals should have that their doctrine (own doctrine) so far it’s in line with the Word of God. No two lives are the same therefore spiritual journeys naturally, must differ.

After a person has been born again, ( as Jesus said you cannot see the kingdom of God without it), then one needs to start paying attention to one calling / spiritual journey.

Churches to me put everybody in the same class, and one just learns the same thing over and over again. What I have noticed in my life is that God has moved me around to teach and equip for the spiritual journey ahead.

For instance let’s say I was from the Baptism denomination, most of them don’t believe in speaking and praying in tongues. That being the case if I started my Christianity in such church and stayed there all my life, I would think along those lines and will be disadvantaged, if my calling required power by the source of praying in tongues.

However, there will be other teachings that God will provide a person with from a Baptist denomination when what needs to be learnt is learned then God will move  the person on to another Church to be  taught  something else that is required.

I was reading Deuteronomy 4.23 which says we should not make a carved image in the form of anything which the LORD your God has forbidden you.

Carved image is an idol. I wear the rosary and the miraculous medal, but I do not see them as idols, but more of a reminder and protection that comes from God, Who is the light of the world.

That’s why I believe in a personal doctrine,  God has taken me through the spectrum of Christianity, to allow me to pick out what works for me and what I need for my spiritual journey.

Unless you have gone through the spiritual attacks that I’ve gone through, I think you should hold your peace.
To me, they are reminders of the Light that surrounds me, just as the Ark of the Covenant was to King David.
The spiritual warfare some people go through, you cannot even comprehend.
Worshipping & reminders are two different things. When I wear my cross, rosary & miraculous metal to me, it is an assurance that I am not alone. If you have encountered the darkness of this world, you will understand.

Sometimes we forget that we have to be consistent in prayer
When I look at my rosary ring, I say a simple prayer, like- help me, Lord. Also, the folks on the dark side don’t like seeing anything that represents the light.

The miraculous medal given in 1830 was to open up the channel to God. It also encouraged people to pray because without prayer God can not move. Prayer opens our spirit to God’s Spirit. Prayer is the connector to the supernatural world of God.

Until next time, Keep Believing, Keep Hoping & Keep Loving

Peace. Daniel