Controlling Emotions

Some people are better than others in dealing with emotions. To some they have the natural ability in handling their feeling; it’s more or less a gift.

To  other people emotion handling can be a challenge, but I I believe the more we master this; we would enjoy the numerous benefits, of having control of our emotions and feelings.

We have control over our self; I also believe our energy can control the atmosphere around us. However, we don’t always have total control over our environment.

This domination of our vicinity is an inward job that requires mastery. It’s the controlling our thinking and thoughts. This practice comes from daily spiritual devotion.

It helps to develop the human spirit as to enable us to have our emotions under control. However,  this takes time and consistency to perfect the human mind.

I know it’s easier to say have positive thoughts, but the truth of the matters is, positive thinking and thoughts make us feel good, and once we have experienced this nice feeling we always want to be in this state of mind .

When we have a healthy mind /spirit, we unconsciously condition our self to avoid situations that are Contrary to positivity. Once our mind is developed, we can sense negativity from afar and do the obvious and walk away.

We can sense negative & evil on people before hand, and the smart thing would be to avoid them.

Ways to Manage Emotions.

1. Be Mindful. Mindfulness is the ability to bring one’s attention to the Internals & Externals experiences happening now. Observing the moment. Mindfulness requires that a person is focused, alert and sober-minded.

When a person is in this state of mind, one can easily foresee things that are about to happen and take necessary precautions actions if need be.

Mindfulness is a state of mind that requires development, as it doesn’t just happen.

2. Be Pragmatic. It’s good to plan and have a structure in place. However, allowance is needed for flexibility. Therefore set rules should act as a guide, as each situation has its uniqueness, so each circumstance must be dealt with in a practical manner and in a sensible way.
3. Pounder on the situation before you make a decision or take action. It is silly to make a decision without weighing the pros and cons of the matter at hand. Thinking things through should be the norm, especially when faced with unexpected events.

4. Pray for wisdom. It’s the foolish person that thinks; they can figure it all out. Humble yourself and pray for wisdom. There is  power and  force that humanity will never be able to comprehend. I do mean power from the Light.

5. The regular release of stress and negative energy.
Instead of releasing stress by smoking and consuming alcohol, it’s much better to engage in physical exercise. Exercise Will enable the brain to release endorphins, which sucks up all the stress and negative energy and gives us a positive outlook on life.
Until Next time. Keep Believing, Keep Hoping  & Keep Loving.
Peace. Daniel