Faith Grows

Just as we grow physically, our faith grows spiritually. The bible says like a mustard seed. For us to grow spiritual there has to be something we have to overcome. The faith we currently have must be tested, for us to go to the next level. (From Faith to Faith)

The thing we must overcome could be a challenging situation, circumstance, person, people etc. As we see the Lord show His faithfulness, never to leave us nor forsake us (Hebrew 13.5) and we see the fulfilment of His word such as ‘They will fight you but they will fail, for I am with you and will take care of you, I the Lord have spoken.(Jeremiah 1.19), When the enemy comes like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord will raise a standard (Isaiah 59.19), Whoever attacks you will go down in defeat and surrender to you, (Isaiah 54.15) and many more scriptures like this in God’s Word to help us in our work in progress state.
From my life experience, what I can say is that my Faith has really come when I overcome a situation. When I look back and see what my God has done in the past, I know He will surely do it again now and in the future, that’s how our spiritual muscle gets stronger.
The bible says in psalms 105.19 …Until the time came to fulfil his dreams the Lord tested Joseph’s character (The Word of the Lord tested Joseph).

Before we can own a scripture from God’s word, we must have seen the manifestation of that particular Word of the Lord come to past in our lives. We must remember also not to compare one life with another, as we are all on different journeys.
In physical training and fitness, when you reach a desired objective or goal, if we do not keep on doing what we did to get to that state, we see ourselves not maintaining that level of fitness.
This is the same way spiritually, after a victory if we chill and relax a little we will see we are not as strong spiritually as we used to be
We cannot  get too  comfortable, be must always watch and pray. Our enemies are always watching our every move, listening to our conversations by their satanic means. The life of a child of God is a diligent walk with the Lord.
I know that it’s all by grace that we stand, however, we have our role to play and God does His part. We cannot leave our responsibility to God.
We have to emulate the life of our Saviour Jesus Christ; His life was a life of prayer. That’s what made Him sharp in the Spirit and full of power. He could sense what was ahead, discern and read the hearts of the wicked around Him. Perform miracles etc.
The good news is that we can do what He did and more, As He promised that we would do greater works as He would send the Holy Spirit.
Praise the Lord, we have the Holy Spirit that is the Power for a Christian to walk this walk, and no one can be a servant of the Lord without the Holy Ghost.
So let’s continue to be good ambassadors for Christ.
Until next time Keep Believing, Keep Hoping & Keep Loving

Peace. Daniel