How to tap into the Power of Human Soul 1

Power for daily living & achieving goals. 1

My next writing project was supposed to be the power of the human soul, which is for my Christian audience. However, I have to put this on hold.

The reason is that there is another group of people that I often come across, and I teach them accounting into order to become employable.

What I have observed is that everybody has something special within them, but some don’t know how to bring it out, this particular thing inside requires knowing how to access the power of the Human Soul. Hence I believe it would be helpful to shed some light in this area.

Most times we as people can’t see ourselves, but other people see us, and the potential within, help is often needed to help bring one’s gift, or that something out.

Therefore I would like to help bring the best out in people and speak life into them, I do it a little during my classes, but much more is required and needed. ( empowering people)

This series is going to be for the everybody and not so much based around my faith which is Christianity. The Christian version – The Power of the Human Soul will come a little later.

There is power within every human soul, but not everybody is aware of how to access this incredible force that lays within.

As humans, we never stop learning, and people are at different stages in their awareness development.

This series will have some reference to my Christian Faith, but this would be limited and the reason is because it’s for a different audience. I have students from different religions, and some don’t have any spiritual beliefs.

However based on my life experience and my encounters I would have to say the power from the Christian Faith has no rival, and even within the faith, people are at different levels.

I am using the class I teach (beginners accounting class) as a sample in the population, and what I have observed is that people need knowledge and wisdom to access the power within and this available to all.

Let’s go straight to the point.

To access power one must have a daily prayer/ meditation life, I believe prayer and meditation lay the foundation.

Another important point is that to access power requires discipline & consistency.

The word power & energy would be used interchangeably for this series, and this is not based on any particular doctrine, but just my experience.

Some doctrines say similar things I would write about, but as I said, this is based on many years of experience.

I do believe that spiritual truth is parallel, and what I mean is that different religions say the same thing in different ways. For example – we are products of our thinking, as a man thinks so is he, etc.

I heard a quote that says ‘we can only go as far in life as the energy we create.’

This basically means we need energy/ power for all our goals, dreams and aspirations in life.

Since all humans are created in the image and likeness of God, then we all can generate energy/power.

Some people are more skilled in creating energy than others. Therefore, I want to use this series to teach on how to manifest the power so this can enhance people ’s chances of realizing their desire, such as gainful employment or starting a business.

From my faith (Christianity) there is a correlation with lifestyle & power that can be created. One has to follow God’s rules.

However, a person with this power can use it to bless others, by speaking and prophesying into the life of another. Also the fact some people vibrate on higher frequencies than others.

Some people try and steal other people’s energy, virtue and glory, but it’s a perilous thing to do, but it’s not my focus in this piece of literature.


It’s always best to start with passion.

Do you know your passion – what are you passionate about? A person could have more than one passion.

Passions could also change from time to time, depending on one’s stage in life.What gifts do you have, everybody has a gift(s), I genuinely believe that one’s passion and the gift’s that a person possess and meant to be used to bless one’s fellow human being, and provide a living for the person rendering them.

To be continued.

Remember Jesus Christ is the Light & Saviour of the World.
God Bless
Until Next time, keep Believing, Keep Hoping & Keep Loving.
Peace. Daniel – The Christian Activist.