How to Tap into the Power of the Human Soul 3

Focus & Pay Attention.

In finding our self, we have established being alone is essential.

Taking this a little step farther we now need to pay attention and observe us in different situations and activities.

The above is not as complicated as it sounds, our brain records all our activities anyway, and therefore we need a regular time of reflection so our mind can play back our experiences.

In other words, during our reflection time, we are observing people and us. One’s intuition is allowed to develop and made stronger.

We get an insight into us and life when we spend time alone, by focusing and paying attention to the playback tape during our time of reflection. Plots of our enemies are also revealed during this time.

One’s time alone also enables us to cultivate our inner voice and ultimately trust it. All the answers are within anyway.

As our inner voice is developing, then we start to trust our decisions more, and we reduce our old self of second guessing our decisions.

As we get into the habit time alone and self-reflection, and allowing our mind to play back various tapes about ourselves, we can see the trend of the past, and why certain things turned out the way they did.

We also start to analysis our behavior and what we are good at and love doing, we visit successful memories of the past and study how they happened.

,One thing we should try not to do, is focus on failures or the pain one faced in the past, let it go, by paying attention to anything good or bad we give it energy and hence it can manifest in our now. That’s why our thoughts should be focused on the good memories and pay attention to how they happened then.

Being aware of the people around us is essential, positive energy is contagious likewise bad/negative energy. If one is not feeling a positive vibe around someone, politely excuse yourself.

In one’s alone /reflection time, have smoothing and relaxing music playing. Ask your inner person questions, such as directions, your gifts, passion. Ask, and you shall receive, Seek, and you shall find, knock, and the door shall be open to you.

We should get into the habit of having self-talk, and let’s try to make it positive. Whenever negative thoughts come to mind, just delete it straight away, to have positive thinking, is an ongoing training of our soul. As we train and look after our physical body we have to do the same to our soul and mind.

The fitness industry is a Multi-Billion dollar industry, and that’s fine, as I love to exercise myself, but remember we have to balance the equation, and the equation is Mind, Body and Soul.

A Strong / Positive Mind and Soul can with ease take care of a weak and unfit body, but a fit body can’t take care of a weak/negative soul and mind. I am not against fitness, I love fitness, but as we look after our body, we also have to look after our Soul and Mind.

Finally be careful with what you watch on Television, as your mind can create those experiences.

To be continued.

Anyway, wonderful people, May God Bless Shine His face upon you and keep you safe.

Remember Jesus Christ is the Light & Saviour of the World.
God Bless
Until Next time, keep Believing, Keep Hoping & Keep Loving.

Peace. Daniel – The Christian Activist.