How to tap into the Power of the Human Soul 8


Once a person has found self, passion and their source of energy (power) then flow with whatever this passion is, as passion is related to purpose. It’s the Creator that put this passion/gift inside of a person, but we have to search it out and find it.

There could be more than one passion/ gift, and one thing could lead to another, the most important thing is for us to be always connected to power and be full of it. We Christians call it to be full of the Holy Spirit.

Our possibilities are based on the power and energy we can create because when we have this power, we have shifted to a higher dimension. We see this in the life of Jesus, His ability, miracles had a correlation with His prayer life.

Prayer can be hard work but once one is used to it, it can also be addictive which is a good thing, as you can be a blessing to loads with this anointing, Warning it’s spiritually illegal to steal someone’s else’s power, so don’t mess with things of the spirit if you don’t fully comprehend it.

When we do understand things of the spirit, then we will know it’s spiritually unethical to steal, transfer, what belongs to another, there are eternal & earthly consequences for such ignorant actions.

In our world today we have many ways that we connect to the higher power, each to their own right, but I still believe, and I am confident that No other POWER can compare to that of the Holy Spirit. We have read the stories in both the old and the new testament, and we sometimes wonder if the same power still exists.

My answer is yes, the power/ anointing is still available, but God’s children have done lazy, one can hardly find the fire in any church nowadays.

Fasting & praying is deemed as unnecessary and hardship, and people then look for the easy way out and start incorporating seductive spirits as part of their fellowship, such as the KUNDALINI SPIRIT. Such outside the Holy Bible powers will NOT allow the free flow of the Holy Spirit.

On a personal note, we all need the power to fulfill our destiny, and such power is developed and maintained with a strict prayer life. Jesus said this type comes by praying & fasting, no easy way out. It would really help to get familiar with God’s various generals that finished well and study their secret.

To Non-Christians, you can develop power from meditation, affirmation, etc., but it’s minimal. If the Kingdom of darkness comes against you, your soulish power is not enough to defend. God is good, and there is NO evil in God, so go figure where the evil and misfortune comes from.

From my experience the most enormous power comes from prayers prayed in the name of Jesus and the Power of the Holy Spirit, The next series will be about the awesome power of the Holy Spirit, the Power hasn’t changed or diminished, it’s just waiting for God’s Children to tap in.

Our words are what effect the spirit world and the weight of our words depend on the power that backs it, if there is no power behind our words they just fall to the ground, meaning it has no or little effect. On the other the hand with power behind our words derived from praying in the Holy Ghost is like an atomic bomb so be careful who you mess with.

In closing, fellow Christians let’s get rid of the wrong spirits (such as kundalini spirits) and go back to old school, early church type of prayers, fasting and speaking the word only.

Remember Jesus Christ is the Light & Saviour of the World.

God Bless

Until Next time, keep Believing, Keep Hoping & Keep Loving.

Peace. Daniel – The Christian Activist.