In sports, we usually have different categories, for instance, let’s take boxing we have heavyweight and we also have lightweight.

Spiritually, there are also categories; some people are more spiritually power than other.

What happens in spiritual practice ( both Kingdom of God – Jesus and the enemy- Kingdom of darkness – devil ) is that they could ask a more powerful person to help them with a particular task.

It’s Biblical, for instead when King David was on the throne, he had Men of God around him, and they prayed for him and for situations that affected Israel.

This spiritual reinforcement still happens today; some people do it unethically, we can call this stealing energy, etc. which is Witchcraft.

Some people ask for the help of a Man of God, (the right way) and praying takes place to accomplish a particular objective.

I have also been in a particular Church in New York, America that during the sermon, a group of people will be praying for the service, in a place in the building so that God’s presence and Power will bring positive change in the life of the people in the congregation.

Now the kingdom of darkness does the same obviously in a dark way; one thing to remember is the enemy has a lot of territory in this World today, for example, if you are a target, they could get a so-called more powerful witch at the same location you go every day.

This witch would be in a different part of the building doing her evil practice on the target all day long. Enhancements, and trying to put evil on the particular person

In the book of Revelation 2 verse 2, it says I know your deeds… Something about number 2 in the Bible right.

Therefore Watch & Pray. Also be vigilant and discerning.

Remember the Words of our Lord Jesus Christ; I Am with you till the end of time, I will never leave you nor forsake. No Weapon formed against us shall Prosper in Jesus Name Amen.
God Bless.

Until next time, Keep Believing, Keep Hoping & Keep Loving.

Peace. Daniel