The life of Joseph & the Hand of God.

Whenever we watch a movie, we like it to have a happy ending. Some movies are real-life stories and observing someone else’s life we often find inspiration especially when the end of such observation is on a high note.

This is what makes the life of Joseph in the Bible most people’s favorite story as it had a happy ending. Even in the secular world, they have plays and movies such as Joseph’s coat of many colors, am sure most people don’t realize the story (the coat of many colors) is a Biblical story.

Joseph the Son of Jacob, like his Father was part of God’s plan. Hence God’s hand was on Joseph.

The Hand of God on a person is like a special Grace and Power on the life of that individual. That doesn’t mean that such person whose God’s hand is upon doesn’t see and feel injustice and the pain caused by caused by one’s environment.

The injustice and pain Joseph felt from his environment came from his FAMILY, and those he did life with, such as POTIPHAR’S WIFE.

In our World today, God’s hand could be upon a person, but that doesn’t mean such person has no emotion to feel pain and injustice caused by one’s environment. Our environment would be people from our Family, Religious Folk’s, people we encounter regularly.

God’s hand on a person, helps us overcome situations, it’s a Power that protects us from the wicked and our enemies and gives us strength to suppress the pain caused by the injustices and those taking advantage of us.

Looking at Joseph’s life, he never complained, he just kept on going on with his life. Joseph knew deep inside of him that God was allowing the adverse situations to happen as this was the Word of God testing him.

Joseph forgave his brothers BUT, he also tested his brothers is see if the evil could still be found in them. Likewise, we forgive people that have caused us pain, but we have to test them to see if they still operate in their evil ways, this could be Family, Religious gathering, or a group of people or a person that we regularly come across.

We should not be surprised when some folks don’t change; it’s just their nature, pray for them and move on.

Another thing with the Hand of God being upon a person is that God is always leading us and ordering our steps, however, to hear God undoubtedly to enable Him to guide us we must have a close relationship with God.

A close relationship with God ultimately is loving God’s presence. When we regularly spend time in God’s presence, Power comes upon that people to enable one to overcome temptation.

Joseph was human and probably noticed that Potiphar’s wife was attractive, but his father Jacob taught him the ways of God from a child. Teach a child a way to go, and when they grow, they will not depart from it (Proverbs 22:6).

The Bible says that Joseph wept aloud, and the Egyptians and the house of Pharaoh heard it. It’s fair to say it was a cry of anguish that’s why he wept aloud.

Going back to what I stated earlier, the Hand of God (Power of God) suppresses the PAIN & INJUSTICE but does NOT ERASE IT.

Joseph named his first son Manasseh, which means “For God has made me forget all my toil and all my father’s house.

Joseph tried so hard to forget the PAIN & INJUSTICE from his father’s house that he had to name his firstborn Manasseh, but deep inside of Joseph, he felt the pain. (the hand of God and the Power only suppressed it).

All the pain came out when Joseph wept aloud when he made himself know to his brothers.

In closing what I can I say other than The Hand of God and the Power of God on a person’s life is like strong medication that helps us numb the pain, but we can never forget the suffering & and injustice.

Naturally, we don’t dwell on it, ( the wrongdoing) but such evil actions from others are registered in our brain to protect us from certain types of people in the future.

Finally, do onto others as you would like to be done unto you. We will always reap what we sow. (KARMA). Someone once said life is a boomerang what we put out will come back to us.

If we sow love, Love will come back to us; if a person sow’s evil, it would also come back to the person. it’s called Spiritual Law.


God Bless.

Until next time, Keep Believing, Keep Hoping & Keep Loving.

Peace. Daniel