My Spiritual Awakening Journey Journal 21

Supernatural / Spiritual Connector 3

There are many instances in the Bible when the word heart is used; they refer to our MIND.

For example, Proverb 4.23 says: Watch over your heart with all diligence, for from it flow the springs of life.

The word heart mentioned in the above verse does not mean the muscle that pumps blood received from veins into arteries throughout the body.

The word heart used in the above verse is our mind which is in our brain.

 Anything planted in our mind consciously or unconsciously can manifest in the natural

Our enemies can plant their intentions in one’s mind to manipulate and control their target, this is mainly done at night when one is sleeping, but they could also do it during the day

Whenever you feel pressure at the back of your skull – the Occipital lobes, be super careful and do not act or make any decision immediately, spend time in prayer

The occipital lobe is located at the back of the brain and contains the primary visual cortex, responsible for interpreting incoming visual information.

My knowledge of this part of the brain is not based on science, instead of on experience. 

Those familiar with spiritual warfare will tell you many of the attacks happen to one’s head and other parts of the body, such as one’s thigh. 

For the enemy to stop from achieving one’s plan, including God’s purpose, they will regularly be pressing down the top part of one’s head, and you could also feel a hot burning feeling thigh. 

Not only do we have to guard our heart/mind, but we MUST make sure that our EYE is clear and clean so that the TACTICS of the enemy can be revealed to us. (Matthew 6.22-23)

Writing the above sentences about the enemy’s operations, I felt a little bit of sadness about it all; it is fair to say God feels the same. However, it is the way it is, and we must endure to the end. 

The enemies that do various dark practices on us do not fear God. Hence, things will not change; we MUST stay close to the Lord and regularly hear His voice. 

In the Old Testament, most if not all the wars Israel and King David engaged in, their opponents were stronger, larger in number, but King David will always seek the face of God for direction and wisdom, and God gave him the Victory.

Folks, our enemies outnumber us; they have various advantages such as they can observe us anywhere around the world at any point in time, they know our going-outs and coming ins. Our enemies can easily plant and send demons to hinders us. 

The ONLY way we can fulfill the WILL of God in our generation is to stay SUPER CLOSE to God – via the Holy Spirit and acknowledge Him in all our ways so that He can direct our path.  

 It is essential to know and understand the significance of the connector, – the Word of God and its instruction on our thinking and thoughts, etc.

 However, the most important revelation I have found out from my awakening journey so far is how the enemy and his people  STEALUSE, and TRANSFER other people’s GLORY, VIRTUES, and BLESSINGS, and the various ways they do it.

Nothing catches our God by surprise, and as the preacher man said, God has factored all the attacks into His equation

To reiterate, our thinking and thoughts can manifest; however, be aware and know how the enemy uses these faculties to hinder God’s plan for our life. 

God Bless 

Until Next time, Keep Believing, Keep Hoping & Keep Loving.  

Peace. Daniel – The Christian Activist & Warrior