My Spiritual Awakening Journey Journal 33

I can see clearly now.

It has been a while since I last blogged; I have been busy, but I think Holy Spirit wanted to chill with Him, so He could reveal more mysteries about who I am and my mission. 

The Spiritual fight has intensified, and God has been faithful via the Holy Spirit, telling me how to deal with my enemies who are more than the hairs on my HEAD. 

Spiritual warfare – like a natural war, innocent people get hurt- maybe innocent is the wrong word, and naive is a more appropriate word to use.

Anybody involved in the dark kingdom should know it is dangerous. I have observed that the domain of the darkness network is extensive, and I assume most people are part of the network. 

There are things I cannot change; all I can do is try and love folks into the Kingdom of God, with is the kingdom of LIGHT.

Walking in the land of so many enemies, one must be sober-minded, in the Spirit, and prayerful most of the time, just like the snake, my enemies are very cunning. 

Looking back from the beginning of my awakening journey, I have received a lot of clarity and insight, especially about those that have and till using my glory, light, those stealing blessing and exchanging destiny.

That’s why they plant abominable dirt every I go, especially the familiar places, and block me from women to continue doing their evil deals, which is to use one’s light, glory, steal blessings, and exchange destiny.

However, God reminds me every day that His Kingdom suffers violence, and this violence I MUST TAKE BY FORCE.

The violent FORCE we use is by PRAYER, and spiritual warfare is perilous as Christians call this type of prayer. Unfortunately, this is the only way to fulfill God’s given destiny.

Kingdom of darkness should refrain from using innocent, naive people to do your evil because this battle is getting HOTTER & VERY DANGEROUS. 

I have nothing to lose; Jesus went to the cross to fulfill God the Father’s will, hence whatever it takes to complete God’s will; I am super ready for the battle as this is PART of my destiny and the reason God sent me to this evil world.

The spiritual battle continues, so let’s have fun, it gets hot and dangerous times, but as a WARRIOR, I have laid it all down, for I have lost my life for the sake of my Saviour, Jesus Christ

I am paraphrasing the words of William Churchill. – I will never surrender, I will fight the good fight of faith will growing confidence, until I take back every virtue, glory blessing destiny every stolen from me from the time I was in my late mother’s womb till.

I believe this battle is part of my destiny; I know the kingdom of darkness has a vast network. Still, according to the words of Prophet Elisha – God Almighty has opened my eyes to see that I have a legion of waring Holy Angels around me; I am not alone. Praise God.

I will defend the constitution of God, which is His Word, I will uphold the Word of the one true living God, for I am not ashamed of TRUTH of the Holy Bible. Hence I and my house WILL live by God’s laws. 

As a messenger of I will continuously prophesy God’s Judgement on this evil and the demonic world, and in as much as I forgive my enemies, you will NOT go unpunished. I decree and declare you WILL receive seven times more affliction than you afflicted me. 

To God’s family and children, – May the Word of God dwell in you in all wisdom. May we always find time to daily thank God for His goodness

Until Next time, Keep Believing, Keep Hoping & Keep Loving.  

Peace. Daniel – The Christian Activist & Warrior