The Powerful act of regular uniting.

As I continue my spiritual pilgrimage on planet earth and observe the human race, now and then I sometimes see things that impress me.

Recently, while at work I took cognizance of a group booking we had, it was for around 50 people. I was made aware that they meet annually (FOR THE LAST 10 YEARS) for a family reunion.

During the cause of the day, they started to arrive, and I automatically switched to observation mode.
As I watched them greet each other and as they later started coming down for dinner ( in the hotel), I couldn’t help but ponder the importance of such Gathering.

I knew the Lord was about to say something about what I was taking cognizance of, hence I couldn’t wait to get entirely into God’s presence for Him to speak.

A family that unites regularly stays bonded in Love and are there for one another during the good and challenging times.

For any relationship ( natural or spiritual ) to have to be a strong foundation, an act of effort is required and is to be invested from all parties involved. As Nothing just happens.

The Bible commands us to Love one another, but for this to manifest requires works from both sides, as faith without works is dead, loving relationships without works is also dead.

Nothing just happens, negative or positive, everything has its roots. Therefore whatever it is we want to be manifested in life, such as a loving family, will require effort and commitment.

In this our complex world, we have members of the same family that don’t like each other and don’t wish each other well.

Some siblings hardly talk to each other, talk less of seeing each-other, if a person is from such a family it’s likely to feel like an outsider ( a feeling of being adopted).

Some families complete with amongst themselves- two things about such stupidity that needs to be comprehended is that One, we humans beings are on earth to grow our soul, and the second, all the achievements and all the material objects we accumulate means nothing when we cease to exist.

Don’t get me wrong; achievement is excellent, so is the accomplishment of things that are important to each, but we should never neglect the place to reach out and show LOVE.

The reason is spiritually simple, for the growth of our soul.

I know it’s hard for the baby and infant souls to realize this, souls that have insight into the real meaning of life are the matured and old souls for the most part. Souls that have lived on this spiritual plane before. ( more about this in future writings).

Bottom line, the reason we are here on earth, is to grow our souls and help each-other; therefore every act of love and kindness we render has a profound impact on our soul, not only in this world but also in external life.

Love plays a significant part of our life on this side of our existence, that’s why the greatest commandment, Is to Love God with all our soul, mind and strength and Love our neighbors as ourselves.

Love is also the highest spiritual frequency, and since we are energy beings, we vibrate on a specific frequency, that’s why the teaching of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and the Bible, in general, emphasizes on our state of mind. For example worry, hate and very low frequencies and dangerous.

A family that makes an effort to gather together regularly are performing an act of Love, and such has a spiritual consequence on their soul.

What I have also realized in our exciting world is that some members of a family can’t walk together because they have different spiritual beliefs, some could be of the Light while some could be in spiritual darkness. The Bible says, How can two walk together unless they agree. (Amos 3:3.)

In a situation when in a family, there are different spiritual backgrounds. Some are of the Light ( real followers of the word of God), and others have no religious belief or practice the dark magic.
Then those in the light should reach out to those in darkness.

Just because the POWER of the light( Jesus Christ) is more powerful and a superior force than the power darkness. However, I know it’s earlier said than done.

In concluding, let’s work on and strive for Unconditional love for one another, as this will solve a lot of problems in our world and change atmosphere of any environment.

Since God is LOVE and we are created in His image, we must be LOVE too.

Just a Reminder, Jesus Christ is the savior of the World. Amen.

Until Next time, Keep Believing, Keep Hoping & Keep Loving.

Peace. Daniel