Showing Kindness to one another.

Most roads/streets in which cars drive on are two ways, some cars going one direction and other cars going another direction.

Such routes/streets are more suitable for most drivers, just because if we miss a turning or take the wrong turn, one could turn around on the same street and make necessary adjustment(s)

In a one-way street/road, if one should miss a turning then it would take longer to correct as the cars can only drive in just one direction.

Therefore it is more convenient most times be on a two-way street, for this simple reason, and has more advantages as compared to a one-way street.

The above is very similar to the world we live in when things in life are two ways, such as friendship, respect, and relationships, etc., it’s more beneficial to all parties.

The saying also goes as Life is a two-way street.

In the Book of Joshua, when Joshua sent out men to spy the land of Jericho, which the Lord promised to give to Israel, they were hidden by Rahab in her house to protect them From being captured by the King who heard that spies had come into the Land.

After she hid them successfully from danger, she said in Joshua 2: 12 ” Now, therefore, I pray you swear unto me by the LORD, since I have shown you kindness, which you will also show kindness unto my Father’s house and give me a true token.”

Not only did the spies honor her request and kept their side of the bargain, ( held her & her household safe, when Israel took over the land), but God also honored her.

As she later married one of the spies (salmon) and gave birth to Boaz, which is the genealogy of King David and our Lord and Saviour Jesus called the Christ.

So what am I saying?

Life is, give and take, – also friendship, respect, everything in life is a two-way street, – showing kindness to one another.

When anything in life is one way, it would never last, some people think they are wise and smart, and just use people, or in relationships, one party is taking the other side for granted, such people believe they are smart, but it’s the opposite.

No one likes to be taken advantage of, ( used like rainwater) and this can only happen for a short period before the relationship falls apart, and people go their separate ways.

We have to imitate God, and the spies, as Rahab was Blessed and honored for the Kindness, she rendered to God’s people.

God said I was Bless those that Bless you and curse those that curse you.

Again, the saying goes, you can’t out give God, as God blessed her more than she could imagine and we see Rahab mentioned in the book of Hebrews, Matthew, and James.

So let’s Remember life is a two-way street, give and take, not just take and keep on taking.

Until next time, Keep Believing, Keep Hoping & Keep Loving