Still ignoring the Problem, America

There is a tendency for humanity to become numb about the shooting that keeps on happening in America. What is the point trying to make America Great Again, when there is an evil problem in America that never gets addressed?

Humanity wants to see safeguards put in place, so at least we can say that the American Government are doing their best to put a stop to all this madness killing.

Does this evil have to happen to a prominent American, before corrective measures and a psychological investigation takes place to put a stop to this?

Cutting short of human life is a severe problem, and it must be dealt with, the voters want a stop to this, so please do it for them

President Trump and Vice- President Pence, please help put a STOP TO THIS. America has the resources to put checks in place to end this craziness.

Killing innocent people in an injustice to humanity, I Pray that the victims have gone to a better place and that the Holy Spirit gives to Peace and comfort to the families of the victims.

The world is waiting to see America safe, stop the killing.

Shedding of innocent blood is pure EVIL.

The only Sacrifice the world needs was done 2000 years ago, and that was the BLOOD OF JESUS. The blood of our Saviour Jesus Christ is more than enough for the whole world.

My heart goes out the families and Loved one of the victims and Florida.

Until Next time, Keep Believing Keep Hoping & Keep Loving.

God Bless.

Peace Daniel