It is still.. A still small Voice.

As Children of God, it’s natural to want to regularly hear the voice of our Father, The Lord God of Host before whom we Stand.

However, we live in a world full of manipulation, not just the world, but even in the so-called body of Christ.

They have many methods they use, such as using the Word of God to manipulate a person, ( because someone quotes scriptures doesn’t NOT mean it’s God)

2. They can also appear in a person’s dreams, in as much as God can speak to us in dreams, most dreams are from manipulators, evil people not God.

3. They can also attach an evil spirit to a person, this could be by an object, a person that carries an evil spirit can try and put it on another, and they now control someone through the evil spirit.

4. They can put evil & witchcraft in food, sweets etc, to control a person through evil, also eating food in your sleep/ dreams is witchcraft too.

Well, the list goes on, but the truth of the matters is God is near and He speaks to us in the same still small voice He spoke to Prophet Elijah.

Stay close to the Lord, & go higher in God, there is a lot of stuff the Lord God of Host wants to reveal to His Children.

Our God is still the God that answers by Fire.

God bless you ….all Children of God

Until Next time, Keep Believing, Keep Hoping & Keep Loving.

Peace. Daniel