Strength / Power/ Faith 1

The three words for the above title can be summarized into the third person of the Trinity, our helper – THE HOLY SPIRIT.

What amazes me is, how long will the Holy Spirit be ignored by some parts of the Body of Christ.

Personally, I love to listen to anointed preachers, no matter how eloquent a speaker can be, without the anointing, there is a difference.

For example, I frequently listen to the Late Rev David Wilkerson of the Time square church, New York.

A couple of weeks ago I was thinking there is a strong anointing on his voice, and I was wondering how that could be since his church is not Pentecostal, but as I listened couple days ago on his teaching on the Holy Spirit, the Late Rev Wilkerson said he prays a lot in the Holy Ghost.
Then it all made sense.
Time Square Church is an evangelical Church, so in services, there is no praying in the Holy Spirit, etc, which is to be expected.

It is crucial that we always have the presence of the Holy Spirit in the Church of Jesus Christ. He only makes change and miracles happen in the life of any individual.

The Holy Spirit’s presence should be evident in all Christian gatherings,( it’s the Power of God among us) following the guidelines of Apostle Paul, then the difference will be clear.

Some Ministers pray in the Holy Ghost as part of their private prayer time, but because of their denomination they can’t teach their congregation how to receive the gift (the prayer language), Our Lord Jesus Christ promised. (very wrong)

When I got saved, God knew I would need the gift I was very new to the faith living in New York, I watched a Joyce Meyer programme, about the glory of God, then I phoned in for prayers on the topic.

The person that picked up the phone asked if I could pray in tongues, I said no then the Ministry sent me a tape, and I would listen to it over and over, then on one Tuesday night at a prayer meeting (at church) during praise and worship I started singing and praying in the spirit for the first time. I have seen the benefit of the prayer language, and I would NOT have survived the Christian walk without it PERIOD.

A person that suffers from depression, by praying in the Spirit, depression has no choice but to flee.

Also when people receive the gift and can pray in the Spirit themselves, they don’t need to go and steal some else’s power/energy. ( Energy vampires ) which also happens in some Churches.

I am not suggesting how any particular denomination, / Church should be run their activities, just giving my 2 cents.

In God whom I serve and stand, God Bless.

Until next time, Keep Believing Keep Hoping & Keep Loving.

Peace. Daniel – The Christian activist.