Taking my Power Back (Poem)

I rise with strength, a spirit anew, A resolve unbreakable, a path to pursue. No longer swayed by subtle manipulation, My eyes open wide to every situation.

Discerning the moves of all around, No longer entrapped, my feet on solid ground. Trust, a precious gem, I guard with care, No longer deceived, no masks to wear.

I play the game, but now with grace, A chessboard of life, I set my own pace. No more a pawn, a puppet on strings; I reclaim my power and the freedom it brings.

No longer controlled by others’ design, My sovereignty restored, a victory divine. I stand tall, unyielding, I declare, I say no to manipulation’s snare.

With clarity, I see through the facade. No longer entangled, I’ve broken the bond. Empowered by truth, I reclaim my space. No longer confined, I find my place.

I rise as the phoenix, strong and bold, A story rewritten, a tale of old. Manipulation’s grip, I’ve come to sever, Taking my power back, now and forever.


Faithful followers of Jesus Christ watch and pray – we are in dark times. Trust NO-ONE until they show themselves trustworthy. They must earn our TRUST.

Until Next time, Keep Believing, Keep Hoping & Keep Loving.

Peace. Daniel – The Christian Activist & Warrior

 Remember, Jesus Christ is the Light of the World.

 Thank you, and God Bless