The incomparable Power of a Christian. 2

11 years with the Holy Spirit.

Life is really a mystery, different people have their perception about life, which could either be true or false or in between.

I think its best when our views about life are based on our experience and Revelation given from the Holy Spirit, often revelation is given when we are in certain situations. When such insight from above is given to us, what we know can’t be shaken.

The past 11 years I’ve been in training with the Holy Spirit. The reason I call it 11 years is because He led me to live in a particular area, which was pretty much in isolation and He began a work in me. I really found myself during this time, I got to realize I was an introvert, and how I get filled with power from the Holy Spirit, etc.

Towards the end of this period, I began to realize that all we need is the Holy Spirit.

Apostle John got the same revelation and wrote it in 1 John 2:27 Apostle Paul too said something similar, – He didn’t receive the gospel from man. Galatian 1:12

It’s only the Holy Spirit that can change and really teach us.

The place I lived was called 7 Hope …., I didn’t choose it, it’s what was available, I intended it to be for a specific purpose, but God had other plans.

Now 11 is my special number, and 11 years God used to make Himself so real to me, that I now understand why people in the Bible would put their life on the line, instead of bowing down, ( it the realness of God that they experienced) and I will 100 percent do the same.

Talking of number 11, I want to shout out to Miss 11, I would like to hear your story one day, so please Look around I would like to listen to your 11 stories.

It was during this period that I could relate to my favorite Apostle Paul’s emotions as he wrote his letters, I also got to realize to get revelation, you must be put in certain conditions, which for the most part are not pleasant.

It was also during this period, that the Lord opened my eyes, that I could easily spot darkness and the false angel of light.

I have seen the mother of spiritual warfare and the Lord delivered from everyone, not only that He equipped me as a warrior.

I do forgive those that fired arrows of wickedness at me, but at the same time I will always fire the arrows back that’s fair right.

It during this period that I lost my mum, and I couldn’t go to her burial due to reasons best unsaid.

The Christian spiritual work is real and deep, for there is a lot of deception around in the world and even in the Body of Christ, but only the Holy Spirit can open one’s eyes.

The good news is the closer we walk with God via the Holy Spirit- the more He reveals to us.

There is so much stuff that the Lord will tell one, that you know you are not allowed to tell another, not now anyway. This walk is an Interesting journey, to say the least.

I have been pondering on something recently, and if you are used to spiritual warfare, not only do we get used to it, but a little something in you likes the good fight sometimes, as it motivates one to rip things apart in the spirit,
It fuels one’s prayer life.

Boxers in the natural, I was told get so used to their regular training and fights in the ring, that when they retire it really affects them mentally.

What I am trying to say is that a little part of a spiritual warfare warrior likes the battle.

To summarise my 11 years at 7 Hope is simply God has made me into a warrior, I have experienced that Greater is God that is in me than every evil force in the world.

I like to believe that the enemy used every weapon they had, but the Lord equipped and delivered me from them all.

I know I look very gentle on the outside, but please don’t be fooled, there is a lion on the inside so think twice before you mess with me.

Lord Jesus thank you for the Cross & your amazing Grace. Now Lord, Please usher in my soul mate.

I always see silly questions on YouTube and listen to interviews, and people are asked if specific actions are sin or not. To clear the air here, whatever the Bible says is final – people opinions are irrelevant, we go by what the Bible says period.

Finally, why do some Preachers throw up the devil sign, can we automatically consider you false ministers that Apostle Paul warned us about?

Remember Jesus Christ is the Light & Saviour of the World.

God Bless

Until Next time, keep Believing, Keep Hoping & Keep Loving.

Peace. Daniel – The Christian Activist.