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The Holy Spirit still brings out the finest Anointing.

As Christians we often hear folks say Lord do it again, basically what they mean is that God should perform a breakthrough / miracle that they have seen Him do in the past, which is all well and good.

However, what we want to see again is, what He (God ) did in the early Church, for instance, Acts 19

I title this blog The Holy Spirit still brings out the finest Anointing; this impression was laid on my heart when I read Acts 19.

The Power around today in some gatherings is polluted.

This pollution is a result of, kundalini spirits, evil spirits, witchcraft, familiar spirits etc., you name it, it’s around in these last days religion in the Church.

It’s my custom never to mention names because if not for Grace, I will not still be standing.

I have experienced all the above evil forces in Churches that affect the flow of the Holy Spirit, consequently, we are not seeing the finest Anointing of God flow as we read about in the Word of God the Holy Bible.

Sometimes I ask myself why some gatherings are still called Churches? The more appropriate name should be what Jesus called them in Revelation 2:9.

This just dropped this in my Spirit, and I have pondered on it before, it’s that Jesus in the Gospel, is like an introduction to the Son of God – The Messiah, But in the Book of Revelation, it’s like Yo the Honeymoon is over, don’t hide behind Grace, and think you will get away with evil and ignorance, let me stop here as this is a title for another day.

Going back to today’s topics, which is the Holy Spirit still produces the finest Anointing.

I hundred percent believe that Churches are blocking the flow of what God wants to do in these last days because other forces not of God are incorporated in the activities of some Churches.

Again what I write for the most part are what I have experienced and what the Holy Spirit wants me to write.

God recently opened of my eyes, to something going on that shocked me, not necessarily the activity, but the people involved.

Some people would of never of heard about this; (evil altar) The Bible says people suffer for lack of Knowledge.

Some Churches are like Sunday Schools in what they preach as these Churches have SOLD OUT and relinquished their Authority to whom I don’t even need to mention, you all know what’s up.

My eyes were recently open to a Church that erected an evil altar so that they could transfer a person glory virtues and blessings to someone else.

Now, I had loads of dreams about this person they were transferring it to, and I was asking why do I keep on seeing this person in my dreams.  

The Lord could have made it crystal clear from day one, which He did, but my eyes were only open a little, just recently He made my eyes wide open.

I do wonder how such folks sleep at night, cause it is a ridiculous, evil and dumb thing to do.

As I have mentioned in the past, there are different types of Souls. We have Baby souls, infant Soul Matured Soul and Old Soul.

Old Souls are also Masters, but such person, also needs to grows into being a Master in this earthly realm.

In as much as a person was sent as a Master from the spirit realm before one was formed in one’s mother’s womb, such person’s Soul often needs to be afflicted to grow here on earth.

The reason I say this is because, if one is an Old Soul, there are things you would rather DIE, than do because you are fully aware that ALL actions have Heavenly / Spiritual ramifications.

Hence, all those involved – aided and abetted  ( I know most of you) in erecting the evil altar, to transfer, one’s blessing, glory and virtues, I have one question-  HOW DO YOU SLEEP AT NIGHT ?.

I will also close this Chapter by quoting God, ‘YOU SAY’ Lord, you bring justice and Vengeance is yours, and you will repay, and I BELIEVE Lord.

The Lord took His time in making the incident Crystal to me, to teach me, show me those involved, and to grow me.

Such unGodly activities, affect the flow of God in a Church and hinders us from seeing the finest Anointing, which Holy Spirit wants to pour out.

If anyone needs prayers, send me an email.

To be continued.

Remember Jesus Christ is the Light & Saviour of the World.

God Bless

Until Next time, Keep Believing, Keep Hoping & Keep Loving

Peace. Daniel – The Christian Activist & Warrior.