The Value of the Human Soul 24

“The Human soul knows we all have to work out our salvation with fear and trembling.”

Apostle Paul was spot on with what he said would happen to the Church, as we see it full-blown in the Body of Christ today.

I woke this morning to watch a four-part YouTube video titled is so & so a Witch or Woman of God ( I never mention names) their facts were accurate, and there are things the Lord had revealed to me in the past, but sometimes we like to brush things away.

It didn’t have to end this way, it’s an incredible honor to be able to lead God’s people in worship, leading people into God’s presence and giving Jesus all the Glory, cause, to be honest without the anointing of God on a song, it’s just a song. Without Jesus going to the cross for you and me, we would have no anointing. If a person is a witch then such person gets their power from the devil, we cannot have our cake and eat it, Joshua put it this way, as for me and my house we shall serve the Lord, and may I add ONLY to that verse.

This individual, has been misled, and a Church or Churches are responsible for it, I must say this really saddens the Lord’s heart.

What baffles me is how come people don’t believe the Word of God, especially in regards to the end times and judgment. I know the Bible says that the devil has deceived the whole World, but not everybody, I know one has to be watchful 24/7, and prayerful. Now the question is what happens now? I know we all have to work out our individual salvation with fear and trembling, how can we as a Body of Jesus learn from this?

God is not so much angry with the state of the so-called Body of Christ but sad, I wonder what the early Church would say about what’s going on in certain parts of the so-called Body of Christ.

God has revealed what’s going on to His servants, and it’s not everything that we can share.

We may not understand it all now, but coming from serving the Lord and going to the World and serving them is a downgrade, and one can’t do both. I know we have secular artists singing songs about God, but these songs can never have the anointing of the Holy Spirit, most Christian will never listen to them. I am not saying Christian artist has to be perfect, but you have to do your best to be a Holy Vessel.

In fact, Some Christian artists who have collaborated with secular artists, have lost their position as a Man or Woman of God, as they can’t be classified as a Holy Vessel of God, I am not judgemental, but it’s the way things of the Spirit. God has warned us to come out of certain places and not to touch certain things.

I know we all rely on God’s Grace, but knowingly becoming a witch, I am lost for words, we all have choices, and God has given us free will. The only question is WHY……., the obvious would be fame and fortune, but if one has experienced God’s love and presence, how can anything be better than that?
I guess the difference between today’s Church and our heroes of the Bible, is that they didn’t bow down, people put their life on the line for this Gospel, what makes us think we would be different.

God’s people can’t be fooled, we all know what’s going on, and it’s SAD. We know Churches and Ministers that have bowed down. My last question is how do you feel now as compared to when you only had Jesus as Lord, and not the secret societies.

God Bless
Until Next time, keep Believing, Keep Hoping & Keep Loving.

Peace. Daniel – The Christian Activist.