Transferring and Planting Evil/ Demon Spirits in people 

This piece of literature is a quick one, not intended, but the Lord is saying to Christians that love the Lord and engage in physical exercise. Hence you often go to the gym, be super careful, as gym staff intentionally use music to plant evil/demon spirits in people.

I was aware of this many years ago from experience, so I am familiar with their trick, and often I would ask gym staff to turn the music down.
Today they did turn the music loud and played techno music, which messed up my blue tooth headset; they did their evil work.

They could use any music, but techno makes it easier to transfer and plant the evil/demon spirits.

Demons/ evil spirits can also be transferred and planted in a person through food, drink, and objects. Some people can even use their minds to transfer and plant evil spirits in another.

Those that messed with me on this Monday night, I release the Judgement of God on you and your household.

Times are dark; stay safe, and let the Holy Spirit lead and guide you. Amen

God Bless.