True Men & Women of God.

Apart from discernment and God revealing things to us, how do we know a true Man & Women of God?

I think one just needs to listen to their sermons. From a preacher’s sermons you would know whether they have the mind of Christ.

I have said it before, my favorite preacher of all times is the late Prophet David Wilkerson. Even an atheist, could be convinced that Jesus Christ is real from his preaching.

David Wilkerson was one in a million, and if a person is genuinely seeking the true living God, you will be blessed listening to this great man of God, check out his sermons on YouTube.

I have seen him preach once, but I was new to the faith at the time hence I didn’t know much, but now I appreciate his messages and thank God for his life.

In as much as it’s not wise to compare one person to another, we can use the quality of his sermons, as a standard to evaluate other messages we hear.

Times are strange, and a lot of false teaching is out there, a person needs to be aware that doctrine of demons is preached in some Churches, we all have to seek God to open our eyes. Not all preachers are of God. I will never mention any name or Church, it’s our responsibility to ask the Holy Spirit.

Any so-called church that uses the doctrine of demons to steal & transfer virtues, blessings, anointing & manipulate members of the congregation, also using witchcraft, such as appearing in people’s dreams, mind control magic etc, should be boycotted.

I am still working Strength / Power/ Faith 3.

In God whom I serve and stand, May God Bless you.

Until Next time, Keep Believing, Keep Hoping & Keep Loving.

Peace. Daniel – The Christian Activist.