Trust your Feelings

Maya Angelou said I quote ‘I‘ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.
As I excogitate on the above quote, I realised it’s absolutely true. However I want to take this a little bit further, and not just how a person makes us feel, but how such people makes us feel by just thinking of that person or some people in general.
Our feelings are meant to be our guide, let me explain it terms traffic lights. Red means stop Green means go.  When we don’t feel positive about a person or a place it is a RED light, saying be careful, act with caution. On the other hand, when we feel the peace that means all is well.
Sometimes we are not drawn to a place or person, it’s like we don’t feel at ease around such person or vicinity. Now if a plan is being plotted against you and you are tuned in, you can feel it.
As people, we MUST come to a place of trusting what we feel and acting accordingly. The ability to do this will save us from a lot of unpleasant situations.
Feelings don’t lie, and if a person or place or situation doesn’t feel good, JUST BACK OFF. You don’t have to know why, instantly, it will be revealed later. Always trust and obey the warning signals you are receiving.  We have to come to a place where we are doing this consistently.
Looking at Maya Angelou’s quote, it’s fair to say that feelings have a memory, I know people of the dark side, those wicked folks that practise witchcraft and sorcery try and mess with people’s brain, to erase things off and putting their intentions on a person’s mind. If you are in the light it will not work and the Lord will give you instructions what to do and how to deal with it. In relations to our feeling, unless something has changed we will always get the signal, telling us to be super careful.
The reason I am standing today, is the Grace of God, and I have learnt loads along my journey, as a matter of fact, I believe God enables a person to go through situations so that lessons can be learnt and these lessons can now be shared with other people so that they are aware.
We have to come to a place that we trust our feelings and following them and we must be unapologetic about it. This comes with time and growth. Unless a person has been hit hard, some things are not learnt. I have a saying which is the harder the pain the quicker we learn and change.
Females are in tune with their feelings more than males, they also have a stronger intuition than men. Part of this could be attributed to the fact that females use the right side of the brain.  Men use the left side of the brain which is more logical. However, men that are spiritual know the importance of tuning into their feelings and they develop it. For females, it comes more naturally.
People that practice dark magic – witchcraft, sorcery etc., do things to affect how a person feels, and the reason is how we feel could affect particular situations and outcomes.
I have heard a preacher say it’s not about feeling but about faith. Which is true, however, we have to recognise why we are feeling a way other than faith.  A person could be enchanted; as a person grows you can even feel when it’s being done, and waking up in the morning and having headaches, could  only be an indication your brain was messed with during the night.  Now you have to undo the evil that they did.

Even if the person/people behind it haven’t being revealed yet your spirit knows, and since your spirit knows, it (your spirit) will direct your feelings not to be drawn towards such person, people or place. Sometimes God will reveal the person /people in a vision, dream, or just tell you. Personally, God just tells me who is doing the evil, also through visions and dreams. Mostly He tells me.
It’s important that we distinguish between a doubt feeling and trusting our feeling in relation to people or places.  Now doubt is the opposite of faith. We are supposed to live by FAITH.
Doubting your ability is not the subject here, (You should not doubt anyway as you live by faith) it’s not that feeling  I am talking about.
I am talking about the feeling that is warning you about certain people. You can ask why you are feeling this way and it will be exposed to you. If you have the gift of praying in the spirit, pray until the negative feeling goes, which indicates you have undone the evil being planned against you.
Reflection is important, the brain records all our encounters and when you want to reflect, just press rewind and things will be disclosed to you, things that you missed when you were are the point of engagement.  That’s why your alone time is very important.

So if you are not feeling right about a person, careless who it is, avoid such people or place. Don’t be sentimental of who the person is, please protect yourself. A person’s spirit knows what the mind can’t comprehend.

That is why we always have to trust our feeling. It’s like a sixth sense mode of operation. If people don’t get positive vibes from a person, such person should be avoided. I actually believe that’s the way, it should be. You may not able to place your finger on what it actually is, but just an uncomfortable feeling from the person or people. Do yourself and stay clear. There is always a reason for your feeling that way.
Your mind doesn’t know why, but your spirit does. So stop listen to your heart hear what it’s saying in every situation.

Trust what you hear and let your heart guide you. Never take people for face value, learn to feel people’s vibe, also trust what you are feeling about such people or person.  Some people use magic/ witchcraft to manipulate people, but once you start to cultivate the habit of being tuned into your feeling you will be able to detect it.

Until next time – Keep Believing, Keep Hoping & Keep Loving.

Peace . Daniel