The Value of the Human Soul 13

The Soul needs Faith. (Faith brings Light) 3

“Faith is second nature the Human soul, and the soul is aware that faith must be fed regularly.”

In the last blog, I listed several pointers on how to obtain Faith for our soul, which would ultimately make it more valuable and stronger.
Here is the List, and I would slightly elaborate on each one.

1. Praying and Fasting.
2. Faith comes by hearing.
3. Having the gift of Spirit of Faith.
4 Praying in our Most Holy Faith.

Praying & Fasting.
The scripture to illustrate this point comes from Mark 9.29, and what happened here was that Jesus disciples didn’t have the power to deliver a child from an evil spirit. Jesus came to their rescue and cast out the demon spirit, then the disciples asked Jesus why they couldn’t deliver the child.
Jesus replied by saying that this can only come out (the evil spirit) by praying and fasting. One can then say that fasting increases power to our spiritual muscle and will help break, destroy and withstand the attacks of the kingdom of darkness.

Faith comes by Hearing.
From many of the Apostles Paul’s revelations, he stated in Romans 10:17 “that Faith comes by hearing and hearing the word of God,” basically what a person hear regularly and consistently would be believed by the mind.

The ways to activate this principle is by listening or by speaking – confessing certain Bibles verses, in other words aligning our soul and spirit with the truth of God’s word. The secular world also uses this principle, they call it affirmations.
So any area of one’s life that Faith needs to be developed, one should get the truth of God’s word, find the appropriate Bible verse(s) and meditate on them, by hearing it on audio or speaking the promises of God out loud. This ultimately builds Faith and strengthens the soul.

The Gift of the Spirit of Faith.
This is one of the gifts of the spirits, one can obtain it by asking God for the gift. Also by praying the Holy Spirit would release the gifts of the Holy Spirit. The principle here is that, WE BELIEVE therefore WE SPEAK. One is not going by what one sees in the physical realm, but by what God’s word and promises say; believing and speak it out. Once one has prayed for something in particular, then one should continuously confess the promise as already received. I do also believe in God’s timing, but God needs our Faith to move, as we have mentioned that without Faith it’s impossible to please Him.

Praying in our Most Holy Faith.
Some Christians have this gift (praying in tongues), and some don’t, some denominations are for it, and some are entirely against it. However if an individual Christian desires it, then such a person should ask God for it. This gift strengthens the soul, it’s a lot of Christians secret to enduring the Christian life including the Apostle Paul.

These pointers are just summaries on obtaining Faith for the soul, and if you have any interest, please dig deeper and research into them and apply.

To conclude, having FAITH certainly adds value to the human soul, the soul and spirit become dominant with all the key points mentioned above. Apparently, consistency is the key with any spiritual discipline.

Well, wonderful people, that’s it for now…. To be continued.

Remember Jesus Christ is the Light & Saviour of the World.

God Bless.

Until Next time, keep Believing, Keep Hoping & Keep Loving.

Peace. Daniel – The Christian Activist.