The Value of the Human Soul 5

We have all heard of the phrase that a person has a beautiful soul, which means kind and loving heart, a good-natured person. Our soul is us, it’s the essence that creates our Emotions.

I said in the last blog that who owns our soul will determine what type of spirit we have in us. Even non-Christians can recognize the spirit of God in a person, stated several times in the Bible, which means God owns their Soul, the realness of God to these Bible figures was so intense that most of them put their life on the line, time and time again.

I will be honest, it’s relatable when something great awaits us as Christians, why risk it with anything the enemy wants to offer, this been said I will instead be and have a rebel heart towards a man and please God, than the other way round.

Going back the topic at hand, the Holy Spirit in us has a significant influence on our soul and this is where the soul and our spirit overlap, when we have the Holy Spirit in us, and we spend sufficient time in fellowship, it has an impact on our soul, it changes us to loving & kind individuals.

On the other hand, if we are Christians but neglect fellowship and the presence of God, it would also have an adverse effect on our soul.

Before we get deep into this topic, (which in my opinion is the most important topic that should be preached) let’s have a look at a verse from Apostle Paul, the verse I promised from the last blog which is

1Corinthians 5:5 (American Standard Version)

5 to deliver such a one unto Satan for the destruction of the flesh, that the spirit may be saved in the day of the Lord Jesus.

According to John Gill’s commentaries on the destruction of the flesh from the above verse, he says that a person Maybe shook, buffeted, afflicted, and tortured in a terrible manner; that by this means he might be brought to a sense of sin, to repentance for it, and make a humble acknowledgment of it.

The commentary of has shed some light on the verse, however, my take is the affliction a person faces may help bring them back to the awareness of how they have missed the mark, as there is a danger and risk of losing their soul.

I heard someone say, can a Christian lose their soul, the answer is, you bet, some Christians even sell the soul to the enemy. Shocking but true. – Such actions makes them no longer Christians.

King David put it this way: It was good that I was afflicted that I may learn your decrees. Now the Bible doesn’t say how Apostle Paul delivered these souls to Satan, but sometimes too much affliction could work the opposite way; hence care is needed.

Come to think of it the reason most people don’t commit sexual sin, is because it opens the door to our enemies and they could have the upper hand when they lunch an attack. However, if we are living right, when our enemies attacks, we can return to sender their arrows of wickedness, which could cause severe damage to them.

Enough for today, to be continued.

Remember Jesus Christ is the Light & Saviour of the World.
God Bless.
Until Next time, keep Believing, Keep Hoping & Keep Loving.
Peace. Daniel – The Christian Activist.