We Reap what we Sow

King David from the Bible popularly known as the writer of many of the psalms and the man after God’s own heart. However, David made some wrong choices as many of us sometimes do.

God will always forgive us when we miss the mark ( Sin), but there is and always will be consequences to sin.

It’s fair to say that most of God’s Commandments are put in place to protect us, as we all know the Spirit world controls this our natural world, and as Christians we have dual placement, what I mean is that, we can operate in the natural world and do the natural things, such as work, play, etc, but we can also engage in more powerful spirit world.

Just like whatever country a person lives or visits, such individual has to follow the laws of the land.

Therefore we as Christians who share in God’s divine nature must follow the laws of the spirit world, in order to be effective, so it wouldn’t be said that we have a form of godliness but lack the POWER thereof.

As we Know King David was a great man, but one of the major mistakes he made, (although God forgave him) he still had to pay dearly for his sin and poor choice.

Most of us know the story – David and Bathsheba, and how David got Uriah killed because he committed adultery with her ( Bathsheba) and she became pregnant.

God then sent Prophet Nathan to King David ( as God sees all things at all times)

Let’s go to 2 Samuel 12:11 … Thus says the LORD, Behold I will raise up evil against you from your OWN household ……
Fast forward to 2 Samuel 19, the story here was Absalom , King David’s son wanted to take over his father King David’s throne, and King David had to flee, cutting a long story short, Absalom got killed in the battle for his father’s throne and King David felt the pain as he loved his child.

So what are we saying…… There is a price paid for SIN, God will forgive, when we ask for forgiveness and repent, but unfortunately we will have to pay the consequences of SIN. If King David, a man after God’s own heart had to pay, so do we.

I know the Kingdom of Darkness continuously do evil on people’s minds and head, so people miss the mark, but we have no excuse, there is so much at risk, God will protect His own, the Bible says resist the devil.

The enemy wants to weaken Christians spiritual authority, so don’t fall for the temptation says the LORD,

God Bless

Until Next time, Keep Believing, Keep Hoping Keep Loving.

Peace. Daniel