Wickedness Must Stop

The definition of wicked is evil, immoral, morally wrong. Using any weapon to cause pain to another is wickedness. Seeing acts of wickedness and not stopping it, is also wickedness.

Looking at the Word of God, especially the Psalms we see how God is entirely against it, as a matter of fact, God’s children are not to fellowship with the wicked.

Those that manufacture and sell weapons to the wicked need to search themselves, the opposite of what God calls wicked is righteous. Righteous means to have a right standing with God.

Selling automatic weapons to civilians is not an act of having a right standing with God, it’s the opposite, so weapon sellers need to examine why they are in such business.

I am hoping that the #NeverAgain & #EnoughisEnough Movements get all the funds they need so they can be effective and bring change.

All students need to peacefully demonstrate until change takes place and American schools are safe.

It’s the will of God for schools to be safe, and that the youngster’s life is not cut short, the appropriate legislation MUST be put in place to stop the sale of certain weapons to civilians, it’s only common sense.

In Psalm 11:5b ( New Living) it says, God, hates everyone who Loves violence, selling certain weapons to civilians, making violent forms of art, could indicate you Love violence.

Even if a person does not commit an act of violence, by selling weapons, doing violent movies, such people are an accomplice to those who commit the crime.

Finally, Movie makers and Music( lyrics) writers need to be accountable for any negative energy that comes from their art.

#Enough is Enough.

Until Next time, Keep Believing, Keep Hoping & Keep Loving.

God Bless.

Peace. Daniel