The World crucified to me & I to the world.

We don’t choose to be crucified to the world, but God makes it happen anyway, and this could be by the furnace of affliction, then we get the message. Don’t ask me why, as it’s just part of the requirement needed for some to fulfill their assignment.

The advantage of this is that it enables a person to be focused and not attached to the world. The concentration is on God, and this is how Power is obtained from God.

Apostle Paul also said I crucify my flesh daily(Galatians 5.24, Roman 8.13-14 ), another way of putting this is that I separate myself from the world daily. One of the reasons for this is that flowing in the Power of God is so sensitive.

Moving in the Power of God consumes all of a person, to be able to experience the Results of the great heroes of the Bible such as Moses, Elijah, Samuel, Jesus and the Apostles, one has to be one with God.

That’s why God said in his Word, come out any environment and from people that are in the Kingdom of darkness and that we should not touch anything unclean.

Also what we watch on Television and the things we listen to, these will also affect the flow of the anointing of God in us.

Carrying our cross and following Jesus, to me is denying ourselves of the things that are pleasures to the flesh, the things we loved when we were in darkness and the people and environment we entertained.

I sincerely believe the Power exhibited in the Bible both Old and New Testament can be duplicated; however our lifestyle has to be sensitive to the voice of God, hearing clearly, and this is influenced by our surroundings.

To see the outpouring of the power of God in a person can never happen if an individual spends too much time hanging around secular environments, with eyes and ears exposed to things that would dissipate the anointing. That’s why one has to be plugged in most of the time listening to whatever increases and maintains the Power and Faith in us.

This crucified life mentioned by Apostle Paul also means consecrated, which is to be set apart, set apart from what?, set apart from the World, their thinking, actions way of life, etc.

The cross we carry in following our Lord, to duplicate His lifestyle and do the greater works He promised, is to set aside from things that will affect our mind and pollute our spirit, and this is the discipline we practice daily.

There are a lot of false Teachings and Ministers around as the Bible said there would be, so we should not be surprised, but we need to know the Word of God and let the Holy Spirit, teach us all we need to know and learn.

Until Next time, Keep Believing, Keep Hoping & Keep Loving.

Peace. Daniel