Change the Gun Law’s NOW or be Voted Out of Office

I watched the youngsters March in Washington, and all over America yesterday and I must say the whole world is so proud of you.

You Politicians in office, these youngsters mean business, act NOW, or you WILL Be Voted out of office.

I am taken this a step further, change the Gun laws Now and STOP receiving money from the NRA, it’s unethical to prioritize money before the lives of students and the citizens.

Are the funds you receive NRA more important than the lives of these beautiful students and other gun violence victims in places like Chicago etc ?.

Washington these folks are serious, this is a NEW DAY, you have no choice but to heed to the demand of the people.

What happened on the 24th of March speaks volumes, American has never seen anything like it before and it’s just the beginning, History is in the making.

Congress you have no choice but to make change happen, in case you have forgotten, you do work for the people by the way.

March for Lives well DONE. Never Stop until change comes.
# Never Again &# Enough is Enough movements, we are so proud of you. what happens all over America yesterday is the future.
We should all be ACTIVIST because this is OUR WORLD.

This young generation is about to change the world.

God bless you all & Thank you all so much.

Until Next time, Keep Believing, Keep Hoping & Keep Loving.

Peace. Daniel