Using Music to bring in God’s Presence.

Music has always been a powerful tool not only to change our emotions but also our spirit and soul.

Way back from the old testament with David & King Saul, David was called to play music for King Saul to get rid of the Evil spirit that was on King Saul at the time.

Prophet Elisha asked for some music to enable him to hear from God. 2Kings 3:15 Now bring me a musician.” As the musician played, the hand of the LORD rested on Elisha,

During Salve trade, music was essential for lifting up the spirit of the slaves.

Satan the devil was in charge of music/praise in heaven before he got kicked out of heaven, hence controls secular music and some so-called Christian singers.

Music is still a powerful tool however one has to be very careful what one listens to because a lot of the music is polluted by the dark kingdom.

An anointed Christian singer/music can easily bring God’s presence, you don’t even need to force it, it would just flow.
God presence comes from within us as we are the temple of the Holy Spirit.
So when we now hear music that touches us, and we start to sing with all of our heart, God’s presence can’t help but fill the atmosphere.

It’s during the sweet anointed music and God’s Presence that people freely lift up Holy hands.
Personally, for the most part, I only lift up Holy hands when God’s presence has hit me.

Music is also used as a strategy for Church growth, as people always love good Christian music.

Music has played a large role in the Churches I have attended during my spiritual journey/pilgrimage, both here in the UK & America.
At the moment the worship that I use to get into God’s presence is mainly Bethel Church in California, shout out to Bethel worship, thank you so much.

Until next time Keep Believing, Keep Hoping & Keep Loving.

God Bless.

Peace. Daniel