What affect people’s feelings from Believing?

Before I start on my intended topic for today, I want to use this opportunity to send out Love and Prayers to the victims of the GRENFELL TOWER IN LONDON. I also pray for all the soul’s that have passed away.

I still can’t believe that such tragedy can happen in a developed country, it’s deplorable. I have always said that this world – (Time & Space), is not the real world, as too much evil and injustices occur frequently.

What affect people’s feelings from Believing?

When we are not pleased with of a particular part of our body, the obvious thing to do is join a gym and work on the unsatisfied area.
If we do the work out regularly on the specified part of the body, we would see results, provided we are taking into consideration our food consumption.

If we are doing the wrong exercise for our desired goal, then we may not see the outcome we are expecting.

In the Christian faith, we know to receive from God, we must have faith and Believe. Often Faith and Believe are expressed alongside a person’s feelings.

If you have been around the Christian faith for a while (be it Church, sermons Christian books, etc.) you must admit that you have heard that it’s about Faith, not Feelings,

To be honest, from the Christian faith point of view, it’s a solid teaching, the only problem here is that a person’s feeling is being neglected and the only focus is faith.

How I see it is that, to address the emotional conflict between the two (Feeling and Faith) so that they can be on the same level, which would be having two positives. A person’s feelings can’t be ignored and must be addressed so that we can see real faith at work.

Jesus wants us to Believe and have faith in the Book of John 20.27 He told Thomas Do not be unbelieving but believe.

Two scriptures from Apostle Paul that I want us to look at are:
1. O foolish Galatians who has bewitched you. [ Galatians 3.1]

2. Above all, lift up the [protective] shield of faith with which you can extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one. [Ephesians 6.16]

These two verses among others in the Bible are what affect people’s feelings, the effect and impact of it have been highly UNDERESTIMATED by some churches and the majority of Christians.

In Luke 16.8 (The Voice Version)
‘’ those attuned to this evil age are more clever in dealing with their affairs than the enlightened are in dealing with their affairs’’

The above verses are what affect people’s feelings, affect manifestation and cause all the evil we see around us and also in individual situations.

If this is continuously ignored as it is in most Churches and by individuals, then the destiny of the people are in jeopardy.

It’s just like going to the gym and doing the wrong workout for the desired result.

The strategy of how the enemy operates must be studied and understood to gain Victory.

Until Next time. Keep Believing Keep Hoping & Keep Loving.

Peace. Daniel