Faith requires Focus.( Attention )

Whatever we give attention to magnifies, it becomes bigger, if a gives Man gives his attention to a particular lady, there is a tendency that the man will want to be with her.

If a man notices a lady, appreciates her for whatever reason, but does not give his attention to her, then the desire for her will not exist.

Even if attention is given to her, but it’s weak (attention ) there will have no desire. If the emphasis is intense, then the desire will be strong, and the spiritual force could trigger the manifestation.

It’s the same with Faith, In Acts 3:5 the blind man at the gate of the temple called Beautiful, after John and Peter said to the blind man ‘Look at us” the Bible says he gave them his attention expecting to receive…….

Whenever there is a high concentration (focus), and it’s maintained (no distraction) with expectation, then manifestation is about to come.

Even with Abraham, we see the same principle, he didn’t give any attention to his body BUT to the PROMISE OF GOD, this the bible says made him strong in Faith.

We also the same principle with Peter, when Jesus was walking on water, Peter said if it is you bid me come, Jesus, we know is the word ( In the beginning was the word and became flesh to dwell among us). We also found out when Peter took his attention off the word (Jesus) he started to sink. His faith became weak.

Whenever we give our attention,& focus, we can bring it to existence. If we give our attention and focus to the spirit word, we would see things that others can’t see, that don’t give their attention to the spirit word.

If we give our attention to fellowship with the Lord, it brings about a stronger relationship, we will know God loves us, and we Love God, and we are okay with the journey, he is taking us through, in as much as our flesh hates it. We become like Him and become one.

When we give God our attention and focus we can remember Romans 8:28

Faith is the evidence of what exist in another dimension, we get to that dimension but given it our attention and intense focus, (not wavering), and we can bring it down.

Prayers can be seen as given attention to our desire.

The enemy knows this, that’s why it ( the enemy is an IT, scum) will try and send all types of distraction, media social media, you name it.

Finally mastering the POWER of God, the anointing comes with given it attention.

Until Next time. Keep Believing Keep Hoping & Keep Loving.

Peace. Daniel