Arsene Wenger’s 7th Heaven Perfection.

I like football but am far from a hardcore fan; I can’t sit and watch a football game, I am acutely aware of what’s having during the season, but I’m a match of the day person. I also go on YouTube and see clips of the goals and celebrations, that’s enough for me.

However I like Arsenal, and I always wish them well. Arsene Wenger’s name was written in the history books yesterday as the only Manager to win the F.A cup seven times. I read in one the papers today that he said yesterday was his happiest day in football, which rightfully should be.

Personally, one of the main reasons I like  Arsenal is because of Arsene Wenger, in my opinion, he is a decent individual, humble respectful and has class, I appreciate people like that, – dignity.
Even when people attack him in the press, he never stoops to their level. When they go low, he goes higher.

There are two main lessons I want to point from his record-breaking victory.

1. We should always be Respectful.

A couple of months ago, or even the last premier league game for the season, some fans were calling for Mr. Wenger to leave, and today he is in the history books. It’s it funny what can happen in a couple of weeks.

Even if some fans felt then (probably not now)  that they needed a new Manager, shouldn’t they at least give Mr. Wenger the respect that he deserves? In his words, he said ”it’s a disgrace, and he will never forget”.
People forgive, but don’t forget which in fact is human nature, I totally understand that, but the good news for him, is he has come out Victorious by following his conviction.

With football and most sports, there are high, Lows and average times during a season, therefore emotions need to be controlled, and everybody deserves Respect,  and it’s not age or status thing, but a requirement for a civilized society.

The second point is:

2. Sometimes in life Pain comes before Victory.

”Weeping may endure for a night, but joys comes in the morning.”

The Bible quotes above says night and morning, but it might be over a period. Regardless of whatever it is, you must be true to yourself, stay strong, and follow your convictions.

Mr. Wenger did that, he did some changes in the formation, and he has the last laugh.

We will know later this week whether Mr. Wenger stays or goes, whatever he does, I wish him all the best, and a lot of people can learn from how he carries himself as a person – Very respectful individual that deserves to be respected in return.

Until next time, Keep Believing, Keep Hoping and Keep Loving

Peace Daniel