The Crazy Faith of God’s Past Generals.

Many years ago I read a couple of books about God’s General; recently the Lord led me to revisit the works of these great Men and Women of God. 

I refreshed myself on the work and of lives of Smith Wigglesworth, (smithy) Dr. John G Lake,  Alexander Dowie to name but a few. 

I am not going into details, but it made me wonder, what the Power of God can accomplish if we seek it.

I believe Christians (Spirit filled) should be going to Hospital and praying for the sick. After all, it’s part of the great commission, Jesus said in Mark16, 17-18, we have the new tongue,(The Power) so we use it to lay hands on the sick, and so they get healed. I honestly believe that we have to up our game, God’s past General did it, and they couldn’t be ignored in their time.  

By the way whose report are we Children of the Most High God going to believe? For the most part a lot of Christians have the POWER, then we have to use it, as we can’t do anything in the flesh, we have to be full of the Holy Ghost, praying in the Spirit like never before.

Persecutions will come, but we have to obey the Lord, the World is waiting for the manifestation. God is relying on us; we can’t let Him down. 

We have to show the world the Love of God in all aspects, this gospel ( power) must be taken to the byways and highways, but we MUST have the power FIRST.  Act 1:8, we have to receive the POWER then we can be the LORD’s witness. 

Just by looking at what’s going on around us at the moment, we don’t  need a  word from the LORD to tell us what to tell us it’s  plainly obvious that we are in strange times. 

The Church has the POWER and the TRUTH ( the true/ real Church, not the fake Church), and it shouldn’t be kept in the Church. The world is hurting, we can turn a blind eye all we want, but the terror we hear on the News every day is on the increase. 

Pop concerts can’t heal the pain of Manchester, only the LORD can, but how will they know, if they are not told, and not with wise and persuasive words, but the demonstration of the Spirit and Power. 

Until Next time, keep Believing, Keep Hoping & Keep Loving. 

Peace. Daniel