Be Thankful and Give Gratitude” (Rap Song)

(Verse 1)
Yo, let me tell you ’bout a force that’s real,
Gratitude is the power, not just a feel.
Tap into it any time, any place,
Raise your vibe and win the life race.

Attracting beauty, feeling good, it’s true,
Gratitude is a magnet for dreams to pursue.
Count your blessings, big and small,
Watch as Abundance answers your call.

(Verse 2)
Grateful vibes align with your heart’s desire,
Burning inside, like a soul on fire.
Manifesting fast, everything you want,
Gratitude’s the chant; let it haunt.

Every thank you, a step to the peak,
Climbing life’s mountain, no need to be meek.
So, look around, what you got, give thanks,
Fill out your gratitude bank and join the ranks.


Until Next time, Keep Believing, Keep Hoping & Keep Loving.

Peace. Daniel – The Christian Activist & Warrior

 Remember, Jesus Christ is the Light of the World.

 Thank you, and God Bless